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The 2015 Round Up #The Extra Bits


This is for the extra products that I've loved this year, that didn't fit in to my two main 2015 favourites. 

So starting off with the nail polishes I have loved throughout the year is the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polishes. You're probably sick of me talking about these all the time but they are such incredible polishes which last for ages compared to other gel effect products. My favourite shades are Fuchsia Generation, Dark Side of the Shroom and Do it Like a Nude. I have pretty much gone through the bottles shown in the photo and am looking at repurchasing them along with other shades. I really hope they bring out more shades for the line this year.
Another nail product is the Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat, which is another one I've gone on and on about. This is the fastest, easiest, best-est top coat and I love how glossy it makes my nails look and because it dries so fast, painting my nails takes 10 minutes not 30 - waiting for nails to dry when you've just painted them and they look perfect is torture, as I always need to do something which will end up in me ruining one or more of my nails, that then leads to screaming in frustration, and getting cotton pads stuck to my nails and eventually I'll just remove it all and leave it for the following day when I'm not so pissed off at it - slightly off topic I know, but this is a darn good top coat, my life saver.
Nail Buffer is slightly odd for a favourite product of the year but let me tell you about why this is the best nail buffer ever. This makes my nails super smooth which then makes my nail polish go on beautifully. It also lightly files my nails into shape but doesn't make them feel like I've just cut and shape them and they feel naturally perfect. I got this in a Birchbox, but it's from the brand Spa To You.

On to my hair products, I first should mention which straighteners I have used and loved this year and they are the GHD's (I don't remember which model they are as I got them a couple of years ago) but these have curled my hair, straightened it and everything in between and if it wasn't for these, I would have bad hair days everyday.
For making sure my hair is easy to brush through after washing, I have loved the John Masters Organics Neroli Detangler. This was also from a subscription box and although this is the mini, it's lasted for months and I am completely in love with it.
For styling, I have been obsessed with the Tresemme Perfectly UnDone Dry Defining Spray (which I believe was released in 2015) and the Batiste M XXL Volume Spray which is from the newly released Stylist Range also released in 2015. These do great things to my hair for adding volume and texture and with my short hair, they're by far the best products I have found so far.

I've only used the Jack Wills Lip Balms for about 6 to 8 weeks and I am obsessed. I love the Berry and Vanilla ones the most but they also have a Rose one. These make my lips so soft and smooth and I apply one at night and by morning my lips feel incredible and won't need any further maintenance for the day (even though I apply them multiple times through the day as well). I used to have a dry patch on my top lip where nothing would get rid of it, but these have, I also bite my lips a lot and these have smoothed my lips so much there's no need to bite them or anything. They're bloomin' marvelous.

The Radox Coconut Shower Gel is a bit of an odd one yes but it's a great one. This stuff smells so amazingly like coconuts that I use this all year round. The scent doesn't linger for that long but I have a coconut body lotion and scrub and together they make me smell all kinds of coco-nutty good-ness.

I have multiple pairs of these Sunglasses and they cost me £3.00 each from eBay I believe is where I purchased them from. They're not the highest quality but they're great for if I have a migraine, I drive with them on, I pretty much don't leave the house without them as I am so sensitive to bright light. These are a life saver and I love how they look, I believe that they're brown so they're not super harsh against my pale skin and they're super cheap. Love them.

That's it for today folks. I hope you liked my random favourites from 2015. I would love to know what your favourites were from the year so please leave them in a comment or leave your blog below so I can take a look.

What's your favourites from 2015?

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