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My 2016 Health & Fitness Plan


So continuing on from yesterday's post which was all about My 2016 Fitness Goals that you can see here, I wanted to talk to you about My 2016 Fitness Plan. This will include things like motivation, helpful tools to use and what exercises I will do to kick this off. 

2. My Motivation
This light box has been great for motivations quotes and phrases, which then really help to keep you motivated, remind you why you are doing this plan and what you want to accomplish. "Find What Feels Good" is actually a quote from Yoga With Adrienne and I have always just liked it. Strength and never giving up are always in my head and I always work with those in my mind.
When it comes to motivation, keeping your goals at the front of your mind at all times will really help you to get up and go. Believing that you can do this and that you WILL do this is also a great motivator. If someone turns round and says that you can't do it or scoffs when you tell them (and they will, unfortunately that's just how people are) then stick two fingers up at them and prove them wrong (okay, don't literally stick two fingers at them you could get in to a lot of trouble if you do that). As you can tell by the photos I do well around motivational quotes and reminders so go on to Pinterest and search for quotes and print them off or put them as your lock screen or whatever. Surround yourself with positive thinking and a WILL DO attitude and you WILL do it.

3. Apps
If you are someone who is completely addicted to their phone, stuck on it 24/7, then apps are a great way to help you reach your goal and it's a great way to keep track of your progress, of your workouts etc.
1. First is an app called Pump Up which is basically an Instagram but for health and fitness. Pump Up also allows you to track your workouts, upload and tell people how you are doing, what workout you've just done, how long you did it for, you can also track your weight, and it actually provides you with a workout to do depending on your ability and environment etc. Plus, introducing the Instagram side of it, you can upload photos of whatever you like, so whether it's food and recipe ideas, before and after photos, motivational photos/quotes, there are so many amazing things available on this app and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already, it's free to sign up and you can link it to your other social media

2. Music is a great motivator when it comes to exercising. A good playlist is essential in my routine to help me get in the zone of whatever activity I am doing. Spotify is a great music platform as it has all sorts of playlists that you can follow and enjoy - whether it's yoga and meditation to cardio workouts or running playlists, there are so many options that you will never run out. You can follow the playlists, add them to your own, search for specific songs and then get social about it and get people to follow your Spotify account so they can see and listen to what music you enjoy.

3. This next one I actually found as an accident. I updated my Iphone to the new IOS software and with the update came a new Health app, and basically it allows you to track your progress, see how many steps you've done, what activities you've done over the course of the day, month, year, you can plan your meals, it gives you information and your daily allowance for your nutritional benefits. The benefits of this app are incredible and although this particular one is only available for Apple, I'm sure there's something similar for android or online.

4. Workout Clothes 
Having workout clothes that look nice and make you feel good and comfortable, is important when it comes to finding the motivation to get off your butt and workout. These are actually just a few things from the local sports store near where I work, but you can get some really affordable workout clothes from the high street, so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg.

When it comes to equipment, again, all you need is a yoga mat or you can just do it on your carpet, but yoga mats are very affordable so it's not going to break the bank and it's a good investment and motivator to purchase something like that that you will then want to use all the time. I don't use any other equipment in terms of weights or anything but they are affordable so if you want to focus on lifting weights or you want to add that extra challenging element then that's fine, they're affordable, and you can always use a bottle of water or can of beans for a quick fix. I will end up incorporating weights in to my workout and I already have some (well my Dad does) but if they're too heavy I will purchase some of my own smaller ones which are more suitable to my weak ass muscles.

5. Exercises
Due to my condition and issues with my hip, I have to start off slow, so with this routine every, I should start to build up my strength and stamina, which then allows me to increase my physical activity. So here's what I will be starting off with and what I will be focusing on over the next couple of weeks at least...
1. Sit Ups x 15
2. Leg Ups x 15 each leg
3. Plank x 20 seconds
4. Downward Dog to Plank x 10 
5. Lunges x 15 each leg
I have already been doing this routine for over a week and I also add in some extra bits as and when I feel like it but this is my core routine. I feel really good after every workout, stretching, getting in to the groove of it really is the best way to get yourself in the mind frame that you need to workout and surprisingly my hip and my back haven't hurt as much as they have been doing the last couple of months since I've been eating so poorly and not exercising enough so I am already noticing a difference which gives me an extra push on those un-motivated days.
This routine is going to differ as I like to add in or swap something out to what feels good at the time, so if you are looking at doing a similar sort of thing, your routine isn't set in stone, you can change it, you should change it but that's fine, it doesn't mean that you have failed.

6. YouTube Channels
YouTube is a great platform for learning things about health and fitness that you didn't know before. these channels are health and fitness focused so they're great to subscribe to and show your support whilst also learning for yourself and getting in to shape. If there are days when I don't feel like doing my standard workout plan then I stick on a Yoga With Adrienne video and just follow along and it really is nice to switch it up as it feels like you're in a proper class when really you're just at home doing your own thing. So here's my favourite YouTube Channels to watch...
Carly Rowena
Yoga With Adrienne
Yoga With Candace
Pop Sugar Fitness
Pop Sugar Food

7. Healthy Eating
If you know me personally, then you will know I have a major sweet tooth which proves somewhat of a problem when I am trying to eat healthily. Eating healthy is a great help for the body in terms of energy, physical strength and mentally too, good food = happy Sophie + strong Sophie.
Eating healthy doesn't mean I will have to cut out all junk and sugary good-ness, but that I need to have a more balanced diet, eat what I want but in healthy, small amounts.
Now you can track your dietary needs on the app I mentioned earlier but I saw an app advertised and it was the Change For Life campaign and it's called Sugar Smart. Basically it's a sugar tracker where you can scan a product using the barcode and it will tell you how much sugar is in that product and what your daily allowance should be. This is a fairly new app so I don't know exactly how many products they have or how accurate but I'm sure with something similar you can track your key goals, like reducing my sugar intake, and really expand and understand it more and why it's not good for you  and the side effects of consuming too much of it. I just thought this app was really cool and very helpful for a sugar junkie like me.

8. Schedule 
So I don't plan on working out every single day as my body isn't able to keep up with that and it will do my harm than good, so I aim to work out 4 days a week, leaving the 5th day for a yoga flow from one of the above YouTubers. This can be slightly different depending on if my body is able to handle it. If it can't I do light stretches and light exercises to keep my body moving and then when I feel up to it I will go back in to my routine.

Sorry for the slightly rambly post, I hope you found some of this helpful. If you want to see yesterdays post about my goals and why I am starting this journey they click here. I will be doing regular updates and also being more active on Instagram and Pump Up regarding my progress so you can follow me here.

Do you have any health and fitness plans for 2016?

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