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My 2016 Health & Fitness Goals


I dabbled in a bit of Yoga last year, but never kept up with it, and I have been trying to get back in to it but it just isn't happening. So I thought if I make it official, put it in a blog post, make a plan, so I am accountable then I would be more likely to succeed and continue on with it for the whole year not just for January. I am splitting this up in to two posts, today is all about my background with my fitness, my conditions and my goals. Then tomorrow will be my fitness plan, how I plan on achieving my goals, what I will use to help me etc. So come back tomorrow to check that out. On to why I want to make this change...

My Story:
So when it comes to why I want to do this, it's mainly down to my medical conditions as my current physical state is not making things easy.
The short version is: I have a condition called Fibromyalgia, it's basically a nerve thing that amps up the pain that your body is telling your brain you have as it's miss-communicated. I also have a bad hip, it's painful 24/7, complete agony and I can barely move it around. So with both of those, along with other issues with my back and my knees, it's been difficult to perform any exercises that can really make a difference. Physio has never worked because my body isn't physically strong enough to carry out the exercises. So yoga seems to really help and there's some exercises that can be modified to be suitable for my physical abilities. So anyway, that's the basics of what I am dealing with.

1. My Goals
Alright so let's get started with the fitness plan. Up first is My Goals.

1. Increase my physical strength and fitness level...
So my first goal is to continue with this fitness plan so that it can actually make a difference. I need to get fitter, stronger, slightly more flexible and generally just healthier as this can have a huge impact on my treatment for the issues I am dealing with. Generally just committing to this is a mission in it's self as there are good days and bad days with both conditions and on some days I'm not going to be able to do as much as what I can on a good day.

2. Have a flatter, more toned stomach...
With everything that has been going on recently (it's no excuse really) I haven't been in to eating healthy and sticking to my yoga routine, and I am the biggest I have ever been which is something I really don't like. I'm tired all the time (partly thanks to my condition but party down to me being so lethargic and just not motivated to move a lot), so working towards a flatter, more toned stomach is one of my main goals. Looking in the mirror and seeing that a skirt that used to be slightly too big is now slightly too small is not a good feeling and it's really brought down my confidence and self-esteem to the point where I only wear baggy clothes and not pieces that will show my true body.

3. Reduce my sugar intake...
I eat a lot of sugary foods. I am addicted, so reducing my intake (not cutting out completely - I'll come to this later) is a massive focus for me. I am very picky when it comes to food and I've always been the kind of person that can eat whatever they want and it not affect their weight too much, but since I turned 22 it just seemed to pile on and I hate it. So reducing my sugary cravings and substituting for healthier options is a journey I plan on taking you along too as if there's anything I can learn, or anything I can teach then I am happy.

4. Find healthy foods and snacks...
Following on from the sugary snacks goal, I want to discover healthy foods and snacks that can really make a difference in my general well being as well as my diet and my weight. Finding food that won't make me feel guilty for looking at or that will increase my energy and cut out my mid day naps.

5. Use yoga and exercise to strengthen my mind...
I say it a lot, I give up, but I never truly mean it otherwise you would find me curled in a ball in the corner of a room for the rest of m life. Giving up has never been a problem for me, but having these medical conditions and generally being a young adult can affect your mind and your will power. So I want to use yoga and meditation to strengthen my mind, think more positively, and generally see things in a clearer way. I can't continue on how I am now otherwise I will send myself to the psyche ward because no will power, no energy, no positive thinking is a sure fire way to send yourself in to a deep depression.

It's a short one yes but trust me, it's better than one long and rambly post about everything, so again, come back tomorrow to see what I will be doing to achieve these goals.

Do you have any goals for 2016?

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