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January 2016 Birchbox


This is the January 2016 Birchbox, and it's a pretty important box for me as this sets the bar for the rest of the boxes this year, so let's hope this is a good box . The box is a collaboration with Pinterest which I am a massive fan of, and the theme is Best. Year. Ever. so it's already sounding good.
First of all how cute is this months theme...
There are 5 postcards included in the box, each with a different phrase/image on, some inspiring, motivational quotes to get you thinking positive and feeling good for the new year. 

The Lash Supercharger 
Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer £18.50 
I've already tried this from a magazine subscription when it was first launched and I really liked it so I will definitely be using this again.

The Complexion Awakener
Jelly Pong Pong Lighten UK Brightener + Waterliner £14.95
I've had one of these products in a box a few months ago and I haven't really used that too much but I will try them as inner corner highlights, brow bone highlight and along the lower waterline. These kinds of crayons are great but I have about 4 now so I need to get used to using them more. £14.95 is quite a lot for this but that seems to be the general price for them which I think is very overpriced to be honest. Not my favourite product.

The Skin Softner
Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion £29
I haven't tried much Cowshed products but this feels very nourishing and softening on the skin so I will be giving this a try now that the weather is super cold and playing havoc with my skin and although I have a tonne of body lotions (because I'm so bad with moisturising my body) this will probably go in my travel bag or I may just keep it at my boyfriends house because I always forget lotion. Sorry, I'm rambling, moving on...

The Hair Hydrators 
Parlour Moisturising & Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner £16 each 
I'm kind of done with receiving hair samples in subscription boxes as I just don't use them. There's either not enough to really get a feel for the product or it's for something completely different to my needs which I set out in my profile so maybe I'll have to change it again but there is a bottle sample of the shampoo and then a packet of conditioner and I'm sure they're good and I will use them in my travel bag again but I really don't need any more hair products. 

The Cleansing Water
Absolution L'Eau Soir et Matin £27
I know this sounds like I'm being a bit of a moaning Murtle but this cleansing water sounded great on paper but the scent really puts me off it. I don't know what would make it smell like that but it's just a very strong scent and I wouldn't use it anywhere near my face. But it does say that it has kind to skin ingredients like hazelnut oil and Aloe to leave skin soft and refreshed whilst removing all traces of makeup and grime. I'm sure it's good but the scent is a no go for me.

Beauty Bonus
Birchbox Compact Mirror £4
How cute is this little compact mirror. Included as a beauty bonus this costs only £4 and is so cute and perfect for a clutch, handbag or makeup bag, and is the perfect size to actually see what you're dealing with. Straight into my handbag it goes.

Alright so nothing mind blowing in this months Birchbox to be honest, but the body lotion, the tinted mascara primer and the mirror are by far my favourite things this month.

Have you tried anything from this months box?

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write this post by anyone, Birchbox don't know I'm writing it and all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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