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Fitness Update: January


This month I made it my mission to really dedicate some time for me, to workout, do a little pampering sesh every now and then and generally just lead a healthier lifestyle. But with chocolates and other yummy/unhealthy temptations left over from Christmas and my sugar addiction in full force, there has been some bumps along the way.

If you need a little catch up then you can check out my Fitness Goals and my Fitness Plan from earlier on in the month.

My Goals:
So as a quick recap, my goals are:
1. To increase my physical strength and fitness level
2. Have a flatter more toned stomach
3. Reduce my sugar intake
4. Find healthy foods and snacks
5. Use yoga and exercise to strengthen my mind

So these all seem like pretty standard things for someone wanting to up their fitness regime, so here's an update for you at the end of the first month.

EXERCISES & YOGA: When it comes to my fitness it's a slow journey, my body can't take too much at once (you can see my story in my goals post here for more info on this) so I have slowly been exercising on an almost daily basis (my body needs to have a day or so to recover and restart), and so I have really been feeling a lot better in myself, I don't feel like a lazy slob who sits at home all evening and stuffs her face with chocolate and crap. So I started off with my everyday exercise routine to try and get my body back in to working and using muscles and it really did work, I have been alternating between Yoga with Adrienne videos - her Yoga Camp is incredible - my exercise routine and then I have about two days rest per week. The yoga is also helping with strengthening my mind and believing in myself that I can do what I set out to do, and generally de-stressing.

So the exercise that's really been kicking my butt this month is flutter kicks and crunches. I have been all about trying to strengthen the main parts of my body that I will be using and concentrating on and that's my core and my legs. But trust me when I say that Yoga With Adrienne is no joke and I highly recommend watching all of her videos, but her 30 day Yoga Camp that's on her YouTube channel has definitely been a staple for me this month and I love that it allows me to unwind and calm down even if it's an intense video.

I have also been loving a few other YouTube channels this month too, some new discoveries, and some which are already my favourites:
Sam Ozkural
Carly Rowena
Health Nut Nutrition

MOTIVATION: I've been really trying to remember the inspirational quotes that were in my plan which you can see here - Find what feels good. When the yoga is too much, I just stretch it out a bit and try again, when I can't do any more crunches, I swap to leg ups or flutter kicks or whatever. Finding out what my body can and can't deal with is a boring and time consuming task, but very important to make sure I don't make my current situation worse, by causing more pain and pushing myself too far. So although January hasn't seen too many physical results, it has proven to be very helpful in my mentality. Although stress is something that I need to learn how to control because this month, as I'm sure it's the same with everyone, money has been very limited and so I have been very stressed and anxious and generally just worried this month. SO if you have any tips to dealing with stress then I would love to hear them.

Motivation is a difficult thing when it comes to anything but the way I have been looking at it is that I'm not going to regret working out, it wouldn't hurt to do it, but I would regret not working out and so it's been a no-brainer really.

TipIf motivation really is something you're struggling with, having your goals written down where you can see them, or a photo of before you start this journey is a great motivator. But PumpUp is a great app that is basically Instagram but for fitness, including some fantastic other features to track your progress, customise workouts and you can help motivate others by posting your workouts or photos for others to see.

REDUCING MY SUGAR INTAKE & EATING HEALTHY: Cutting down my sugar intake has been difficult, but not impossible. I have been making a conscious effort to cut down on chocolate and either have an apple or wait until my next meal until I eat. I don't feel like I'm having too many cravings or withdrawals as some have said I would have, but I have noticed I don't feel as tired and generally just bleurgh any more, which is great. Although I miss my Maryland Soft Baked Cookies, they're my fave thing ever. 

I have really been impressed with how this month has worked out regarding my workout and fitness and I only hope that this will continue and I will reach my goals this year. Fingers crossed.

Do you have any fitness resolutions or tips that you can share?

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