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Face Off #16 Clay Masks


Today is another face off between two of my favourite clay masks. In the red corner, GlamGlow SuperMud, and in the blue corner, the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. Let's get into this in true IABT Face Off style. 

GlamGlow is a brand created for the stars. An A-list favourite formulated to render your skin clear, calm and purge pores of blackhead causing grime. All whilst resurfacing the skin using it's blend of AHA's. I use it as more of a spot treatment than an all over facial mask but when it comes to dragging out crap from your pores, this is the mother of all clay masks - you can literally see what's come out of your skin. So gross, yet oddly satisfying.
But it's an expensive one. £45 for this pot and you have to be sure to use it well within it's lifespan, because believe me when I say that the tears spilled due to the dried up clay in the bottom of this pot were oh-so real and very much in need.
Apply for up to 20 minutes, wait to dry and remove with a warm cloth. It can make your skin feel slightly tight so I always make sure to hydrate after using either a cleanser or going straight on to my skincare routine focusing on hydration.

The 3 P's:
Price: 5/10 This is a big no no for me. I hate that I have to spend £45 on this thing.
Packaging: 8/10 Being in a pot is another no no for me. Not suitable for travelling, not suitable for easy access, and when it gets to the bottom, I get more down my nails than on my fingertip.
Performance: 9/10 It's incredible. Spots visibly reduced in size overnight, skin deeply cleansed and exfoliated. It loses that point because of how uncomfortable it is when dries on the skin and for the slightly dry feeling it leaves behind.

Overall: 6/10 The product performs well but the price, everything else, it doesn't compare to the drugstore alternative I have found.

This mask is slightly different to the GlamGlow in that this is a thermal mask. It heats up as soon as it comes into contact with your skin. It doesn't dry like it's competitor as it's mix of essential oils and skin-loving ingredients deeply cleanses, and uses Kaolin clay and charcoal to draw out the bad stuff and purify your skin. What I love most about this mask is that it does what the GG one does except it's more soothing, more hydrating and generally more cleansing. My skin feels so incredible, looks glowy and super soft and smooth. It's amazing, and what makes it even more so, is that it's only £10.

The 3 P's:
Price: 10/10 Nothing is better than a skincare product from the drugstore that performs like a higher end skincare product and is less than a tenner. In fact, this mask is currently on offer for £6.67 (as of 05.01.2016) which makes it even better.
Packaging: 10/10 Great for travel as is in a squeezy tube so application is easier, and it also comes in a sachet for first time buyers or for those even smaller travel necessities.
Performance: 10/10 The way this makes my skin feel it's way above a 10/10. It soothes, calms, softens, deep cleanses, hydrates, adds a radiance like no other clay mask.

Overall: 10/10 I love this product, the brand in general actually. Quality clay masks are hard to come by but this tops them all.

So, it's pretty clear which is the winner. I will have a review of the entire Sanctuary Spa skincare range that I have been trying out soon so keep your eyes peeled for more incredible drugstore alternatives. The cheaper options to those luxury skin treats.

What's your favourite clay mask?

*Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by either brand to write this post. all opinions are my own and 100% honest. Just because these products do or don't work for me, doesn't mean they will for you. So please be careful, do your own research and always test out a product on a patch of your skin before applying to your entire face.

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