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Blogmas Day #7 Monday Mani #35 The Chic Guide to Glitter


Today is all about glitter. The holidays is a time to have fun, be merry and wear glitter. So today I am going to show you 3 ways to wear glitter and still look chic and sophisticated. Whether it's for a Christmas party, a date or just want some sparkly nails to brighten your day.
My favourite way to wear glitter and still look somewhat presentable and sophisticated, is to use it as an accent to spice up your nails, so it's not just BAM in your face, with full on sparkles and bling everywhere (although if there was a time for that it would be during the festive season).

Here are the polishes I used so if you want the exact look as the photos then these are the ones you will need. All affordable, easily accessible and great quality and lasting power.

I know what you're thinking, that's not a traditional Winter/Christmas shade. Yes true, but it looks darn pretty on the nails and with some gold sparkles it looks even more beautiful. This is Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish in Dark Side Of The Shroom which I have been addicted to wearing the last month or so.

First I apply two generous coats of the base colour, and then on the ring finger I apply two coats of the gold glitter, which is Essie's Summit Of Style. I love this glitter as it's a mix of smaller and larger hexagonal glitters which makes it a bit more interesting - great for all over the nail or for our gradient ombre glitter deal we've got going on - I then take as much of the glitter off the brush as possible and wipe whatever is still on the brush on to the nail so it's a very light layer of glitter, 3/4 of the way up the nail. When semi dry, I go back in with more glitter on the brush and start to place that on the tip to build up the density and give it it's finishing touch...

I really like how this looks so I did it using another of the Daylight Curing Nail Polishes from Barry M...

...the shade Do It Like A Nude. This is such a beautiful nude polish which looks amazing on it's own, but I think the glitter really makes it look beautiful and chic.
I used the same technique as the first mani and I am in love with how they both look. The glitter is so versatile that it works with all sorts of shades because the tone isn't too orange and brassy but more of a classic gold. Definitely important when choosing your glitter polish.

I tried to build up the ring finger accent with this as I think it would look cool if it was just glitter on there. But after a while it started to get gloopy and stick together so I gave up but I still think it looks great like this.

On to the final mani and this one is a classic red and gold glitter mani. The red is It's The Cherry On Top from the 60 Seconds Super Shine range from Rimmel. This is a really nice formula, it's not as opaque as I thought it would be but it's still completely opaque in two coats and it is so easy to apply because the brush is a bit fatter so it covers pretty much the whole nail in one stroke.

I did something a bit different with this one though, I stuck with the ring finger as the accent with gold glitter all over, but then rather than doing a gradient from the top, I started it at the base of the nails using the same technique as before. I decided to do it on all nails because I really wanted this to be appropriate for Christmas parties or a date night or something. There's lot's of bling but I really like how it looks and will definitely be wearing this a lot this Christmas.

I guess you don't have to do the ring finger all in glitter, could still do the gradient on there ans it would still look really pretty and festive.

That's it for today's post. I hope you liked seeing this guide to wearing glitter and still looking sophisticated and chic. I will be doing some more Christmas and new Years nail ideas so if you have any requests or suggestions then I would love to know. 

What's your favourite Christmas polish?

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