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Blogmas Day #27 What I Got For Christmas


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got spoilt and ate their body weight in Chocolate, (as I'm pretty certain I have). Today I wanted to show you what I received for Christmas. I love seeing what others got for Christmas so thought I would shove my two cents in too. I am eternally grateful for every gift I received and I love every single one of them. So thank you to anyone who got me a gift and I hope you all liked what I bought for you. Alright let's get started.

First, the gifts from my parents, they bought me this amazingly snuggly and soft jumper from Regatta which is a great outdoor brand that has everything from tents to waterproof jackets. I asked for something like this for when I walk my dog as it's so cold in the UK, I am always cold and this is so snuggly that I am super excited to wear this.

Continuing on with the snuggly soft things, my parents also got me these amazing pj's and the ears on the bears face actually stick out and it's so cute and cosy and very very warm.

Then from Santa I also got some socks - must have, a cute candle with dear on that smells amazing, a mug cake - never seen these before but they look awesome, some white chocolate coins, and my favourite-est perfume ever. The Paco Robanne Black Excess but this is the Eau De Parfum so it's a little different to my regular one but it lasts all day which is amazing. 

 So from my brother and his wife, I received the Sanctuary Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser (which I didn't ask for and somehow they managed to pick the one thing I don't have from the Sanctuary skincare which is amazing) and I also received £20 of Love to Shop vouchers, which is a really great gift as I can go and buy something that I really want, and there's so many shops to choose from.

From my other brother and his partner, I got this amazing Joules Body Care Set which has 6 full size products from hand wash to body scrub, I haven't used anything from this range before but they all smell amazing. Plus how cool is that bag, will definitely be using that for travelling to and from Ben's.

From my brothers family, I got some Hotel Choclat as well as a £10 John Lewis voucher which I will definitely be saving for the beauty department next time I go to a John Lewis.

I am very lucky to also have received £25 from my Grandad. Which actually went towards purchasing something which you will see further on.

My Boyfriends Nan got me some Ferrero Rocher, my aunty also got me some so I am stocked up on chocolate.
I also got a tub of Heroes from my parents and then a Terry's Chocolate Orange from Ben's Nan which I haven't tried in years.

Now on to what my boyfriend and his parents got me, first, starting off with socks, it wouldn't be Christmas without getting socks.

Then I was given two Pandora bags... 

From Ben's Mum, I also got a Rose Gold Bow Ring which I have wanted ever since the Rose Gold Collection came out, had a little drama and had to go around all the local Pandora shops to get the next size up, but other than that it is absolutely beautiful and I am 100% in love with it

I got this beautiful Rose Gold Pandora Bracelet with a Butterfly Charm from my amazing boyfriend Ben. He knows how much I love my Pandora jewellery, plus how much I love rose gold so when I opened this I wanted to cry. Best. Boyfriend. Ever. Major BF points earned. 
With the £25 I got from my Grandad, on our little excursion to a Pandora store, I picked up the Wing Charm which I just fell in love with and it's called Love & Guidance so I just had to get it.

And last but by no means least is the most important thing from my entire gifts...

...Not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 boxes of Mint Matchmakers which are my favourite Christmas chocolate (even though they have them all year round).

What did you get for Christmas?

* Disclaimer: I am not showing off or bragging by the gifts I have received this year. I am very blessed and grateful for anything I receive and I just wanted to share that with you as I love to see what other people got too.

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