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Blogmas Day #20 3 Things You Need To Know About Konjac sponges


I have recently started using a regular Konjac Sponge and there is a few things I wanted to talk to you about in case you are on the look out for a new cleansing helper.

You can get different types of Konjac Sponges like charcoal or clay, but I have just the regular white one which doesn't have any other benefits except making my skin feel ridiculously soft and smooth.

1. Remove Makeup:
If you're like me and hate having any feeling of makeup left on your skin, rather than forking out hundreds of your hard earn cash on a cleansing brush, a Konjac Sponge will do a great job for a ridiculous fraction of the price.

2. They're Gentle:
They make your skin feel super soft and smooth without the need for any harsh exfoliators. You can use the sponge with a cleanser, or with an exfoliator (I do it with either or) and I just like how it get's my skin feeling squeaky clean without any uncomfortable dry or tight feeling.

3. They Have a Shelf Life:
You're going to need to throw it away after a month. But just remember, they're a couple of quid so you can get a bunch of them (even some with the added benefits like clay or charcoal) and you will be set for a while.

Have you tried a Konjac Sponge?

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