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Blogmas Day #10 The Beauty Lovers Gift Guide


It's the start of the 2015 It's a Beauty Thing Gift Guides and today's is going to be all about the gifts for the beauty lovers in your life. And whether that's your Mum, daughter, girlfriend, wife, friend, these are all great beauty products that would be amazing as a gift, or for you to put on your wish list to Santa.
Alright so starting off with some luxury makeup, these are my favourite products that I love and would highly recommend to everyone. They're versatile, great quality and well worth the investment.

Tarte as a brand have incredibly high standards when it comes to their quality and their packaging, so I would be confident giving their products as a gift knowing they are worth the money and that it's the kind of brand lot's of people love. They have some incredible products and I think if you're looking at gifts for yourself then this is a great brand to start off with.

Just look at that packaging from Charlotte Tilbury. Unfortunately for me (not my bank balance) this is the only CT product I own but I love this thing and as you can see it's been well loved. If you're looking for a luxury gift to buy the makeup addict in your life, this is the number one product I would go with. It's so beautiful and looks great on numerous skin tones.

Another brand which I highly recommend is Too Faced. They're another brand that are focused on their packaging as much as their product, so it really draws you in for a closer look. Whether you want a holiday gift set or to create a custom selection of products, Too Faced have such a massive array of products it's definitely worth checking them out. Plus, the prices aren't that bad either for a higher end brand.

If you or anyone you know are wanting the currently trending strobing effect, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors Liquid & Pressed are my highest recommended highlighters. These things, when layered, can be seen from space. The glow is just beautiful and in my eyes, you can never have too much highlighter. There are some other Becca products I am looking to try but for now, these are what I have and love.

I couldn't do a gift guide without mentioning my favourite palette of all time, the Lorac Pro Palette. I have had this for a long time now and have been working on some serious dents in this thing. This is the palette I go to for any kind of look. It does neutral eyes, smokey eyes and everything in between. I highly recommend this palette and if you're looking at getting it and you live in the UK, Nordstrom is the best place to get it from.

Onto the luxury skincare now and I don't have as much skincare as I do makeup (which seems very odd because I love lot's of skincare products), but I do have some everyday staples in my routine that I think would be great gifts.

I'm sure you're probably sick of me going on about GlamGlow but their masks are just to die for and would make great Christmas treats. You can purchase sample packs from Amazon, but you can get the full sizes which come in little tree decorations and let's face it, who wouldn't love seeing a GlamGlow bauble on their Christmas tree in the morning? I sure as heck would.

REN is one of those skin care brands that has so many incredible options for skin types and concerns, that all you need to do is put in your skin type (or whoever you're buying for) and it comes out with skincare products that would suit their particular skin. Plus, if in doubt, go for the sampler kits, there's nothing with getting a set of minis for them to try out and it would make a really cute little gift. Or get a gift set, split it up and make your own little decorations or stocking stuffers.

Finally for the luxury skincare is Kiehls. Now this is another brand I really got to discover this year and when it comes to good quality and reliable skincare, Kiehls is always the brand I come to. Their Midnight Recovery Concentrate is suitable for all skin types so anyone can benefit from it. Or you can peruse through their best sellers and see if anything takes your fancy there.

I wanted to include some beauty kits that I have put together as gifts too. How cute is this little Zoella Beauty Makeup Bag well technically it's a purse but I would use it as a makeup bag. It's only a small one so will fit the eyeshadow palette from Maybelline in and it's only £6. It's super cute and makes a great gift. She has some bigger bags too if you are looking for something to fit more things in. There are more beauty kits you could put together, skincare samples, an emergency kit for post party pampering as well as a goodie bag filled with all sorts of essentials and bits and bobs.
The Makeup Kit
Maybelline The Nudes Palette, Master Sculpt Contour Kit, Color Drama Crayon in Minimalist
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, Kate Moss Rose Gold Eye Crayon, Kate Moss 107 Lipstick
Whether the person you are buying for is a neutral eye and a nude lip kind of gal, or they prefer a classic holiday look with a gold eye and deep red lip. You can customize your makeup kit to suit whoever will be receiving it. 
The Brush Kit
Real Techniques Brushes: Contour, Multi Tasking, Dome Shadow Brush, Sculpting Set
These are some of the best makeup brushes from the drugstore and they make a great gift. There are pre-made kits like the above sculpting set, but you can buy some of the brushes singularly so again, customising your gifts is a great way to add that personal touch and go the extra mile.
The Nail Kit
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry, Sunset Daylight Curing Polishes
If you have a nail lover in your life then Barry M is the best brand to go for. They have some incredible formulas, and an amazing shade range and I cannot get enough of them. These are my favourites from each line but their shade range is so vast there is something for everyone.

Alright, we're one gift guide down, one more to go. Tomorrow will be all about shopping on a budget and trust me, it can be done and it can be awesome. So I will see you tomorrow.

What are you asking Santa for this year?

*Disclaimer: Any affiliate links or products gifted to me are marked with an *. I am not being paid for this post nor for any of the reviews included. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 
Everyone's skin is different, so the products I have included and recommended today are based on my own personal experiences with them. Most of the products indicate they're suitable for all skin types, but always be careful when trying a new product as it may act differently for you than it does for me. 

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