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What Else Happened In November?


It's that time of the month again where I round up my month and tell you all about what I've done, what I've watched etc. So let's get started with...

1. Fave YouTuber/Bloggers:
Christmas Gift Guides are everywhere now and I have picked my favourites out of the bunch so far and so if you want to check them out, then see below...
Fleur De Force - What To Buy Her For Christmas // What To Buy Him For Christmas // Stocking Filler Gift Guide // Pinterest Gift Guide // 
Vivianna Does Makeup - The Luxury Beauty Gift Guide // The Under £25 Gift Guide // 
Lily Pebbles - The Lifestyle Gift Guide // 
Coffee Break With Dani - Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers // 

I love Makeup Looks that my favourite bloggers or YouTubers create as I always want to recreate them and put my own spin on it. So these are the looks that have really stood out to me this month...
Allana Davison - Gold Eyes & Red Lip3 Looks Using ABH Palette // 
Kendra Atkins - Fall Makeup Tutorial // Get Ready With Me: Go-To Makeup Look // 
Hello October - Everyday Autumn Look // 

I discovered a new blog and Instagram this month, The Beauty Sanctuary and what really drew me to her blog was her photos, as well as the reviews that she wrote. I like her writing style and I like how she composes and takes her photos. 
I also discovered HeyClare's Blog, YouTube and Instagram and I binged watched her YouTube videos, then went on her Instagram and liked all her photos and her blog is so incredibly designed and I generally just think she is an incredible person so if you're looking for some new people then I highly recommend both of these people.

In The Frow & Hello October did a YouTube video colab last week which was a really great video to watch. Two of my favourite youtubers and bloggers and they team up and do a November Love List.

2. Fave Movies/TV Shows:
So now for TV and I have a few shows which I just cannot get enough of. First of all has to be the best show I've ever watched. I know, bold statement. But Scorpion is such an awesome show about a group of geniuses who help Homeland Security with terrorism, kidnappings, runaway trains and bomb disposal. This is an epic show and I highly recommend watching it. 
Next is another great show from the wonderful people at Netflix and Marvel. Jessica Jones. Trying to take down the man who controlled her, violated her and ruined her life, this is such an awesome show and although it's not up there with Daredevil it's still a great show and I highly recommend it if you are a Marvel lover.
Alright, now onto Limitless and this is a TV show following on from the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, and although Bradley Cooper isn't as important in this show as the movie, it's a great story line watching Brian solve mysteries, help out the CJC all whilst being on the addictive drug NZT. 
Finally is Blindspot, now this an odd one. Found in the middle of Times Square a woman unfolds out of a bag covered from head to toe in tattoos with no idea how she got there, who she is or what the tattoos mean. She works with some agents to try and de-cript the tattoos and figure out who she is and why they did that to her. A great show, awesome design work on those tattoos and a great story line.

3. Fave Song/Artist:
I just cannot get enough of Adele's Hello, it's such a beautiful song and whenever I hear it I just can't help but sing as loud as I can. Landon Austin Cover of Hello is just as amazing and if you want someone new to check out, Landon is a great start.

4. Fave Photos I've Taken:
So on bonfire night, I spent £10 to sit in my car, freezing my ass off, watching fireworks. Got some amazing shots but this is by far my favourite.

A lovely Autumn afternoon stroll with the boyfriend and this just looked so beautiful, even if it was super cold and windy.

I found NEMO & Dorey. Yes, I am the person who goes into a pet shop and goes straight to the fish to see if they have NEMO or Dorey, this one did and I stood there for 10 minutes taking photos. Because I can.

How amazing is this, a £1000 tree made out of wire and twinkle. Crazy expensive but so beautiful.

5. Fave Posts/Most Popular:
The Top 10 Tips For Foundation and the The Body Shop Lightening Drops Review were definitely the most viewed on IABT this month, and I'm really glad you liked the content I'm uploading and I appreciate everyone who clicks on my blog and clicks the like or follow button. 
There are always posts that I am either really proud of or I love whatever it is I'm talking about.
Woofbox is just way too cute. The Face Off - Soap & Glory VS Too Faced Eye Primers I am always happy to save money when it comes to makeup. I loved the products I used in the Copper Eyes look and well, New In Beauty/November Haul I always love shopping, hauls and new stuff. 

I also really like this post where I showed you my go-to makeup look using the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette with 3 different lip options, nude, berry and red. 

I hope you enjoyed this months instalment of what else happened. As of tomorrow its BLOGMAS so I hope you join me everyday in December for a new post. Let me know if you have any requests for Blogmas posts.

What did you get up to this month?

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