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Top 10 Tips for Foundation


1. For the best results from your foundation, make sure you have a clean, smooth and moisturised base before you even think about foundation. The skin is the most important so prep it well first. Makeup can hide a multitude of sins but it doesn't cure poorly looked after skin.  

2. Your skin type will determine what kind of finish and product will work best for you. Find your skin type, find your foundation. There's creams, liquids, powders and mouses, and they come in compacts, jars, bottles, sticks. There's such a wide variety and it can be overwhelming so I will be doing a post on skin types, finding the right foundation shade and formula soon. 

3. Match your foundation to your neck and body, not to your face. The idea of foundation is to even every thing out and match your face with the rest of your body. 

4. Find the right brush for the finish you're looking for, buffing brush, kabuki brush, paddle brush or a stippling brush. All great tools in giving you a flawless complexion.

5. Use a brush to apply and spread the foundation onto your skin but use a damp sponge like a beauty blender to blend it into the skin and give that perfect finish. You can use a BB to apply and blend, this will just give you a sheer-er finish.

6. Start in the centre of your face and work out, pat the product in to the areas you need more coverage.

7. Start in thin layers and build up only where needed. Cakey foundation is not a good look.

8. Apply highlighter before foundation for that natural lit from within look. 

9. Powder only where necessary to keep the finish of the foundation and a cake-free, powdery-free complexion. Where you can, use a setting spray, they give you a natural finish and help everything settle onto the skin giving the most beautiful look.  

10. If you've applied too much foundation or concealer or you're looking too oily, take a ply of tissue and dab it on your face - this will take away the oily-ness or excess makeup and leave the pigment, leaving a beautiful and natural finish with a great coverage.

I hope this helps some of you who are having trouble with your foundation, or you're just new to makeup. I will be posting some other tips for finding your perfect foundation shade and finish so sign up using your email to get updates and notifications on when I upload. 

Do you have any foundation tips to share?

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