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The Weekly Round Up #103


Alright so it's the end of the week and almost the end of the month too. I hope you have all had an awesome November and that you are getting into the Christmas spirit. 

I have a few things I want to share with you this week, not too much, but I thought I would still do my weekly round up and mention these as they truly are favourites of the week and I have a few bloggers/YouTubers that I've been loving too.
First starting off with skincare, I have been loving the Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator Night & Flight Moisture Miracle for a very long time now but I don't feel like I have mentioned it nearly as much as I should but it's something I use on a regular basis and it always makes my skin feel soft and smooth and hydrated. I use it just at night, but you could use it in the day if you had extra dry skin. I love this stuff and it's an affordable price to.
I have been loving bold lip colours this week and these are the ones in particular that I just cannot get enough of. First are the lip liners that have been making my lip colours last for hours, the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners in Red Diva & East End Snob, The shades are amazing, they are slightly drying but nothing a bit of lip balm kind handle and they last forever.
The Maybelline Color Dramas in Red Essential & Keep It Classy have been my go to's this week. I love this formula, they're long lasting, matte and there's a fantastic shade selection so no worrying about finding the right colour for you, they're all awesome.
Finally is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Plum Plum Girl & Don't Pink Of It, I love this formula also and as you may have seen from my Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette Look this is possibly my favourite berry lipstick ever. Love it.

With all these bold lips, the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm has been my life saver this week. I love how it nourishes, smoothes and generally softens my lips and I have been applying this at night and by morning, bold lips are always on the cards.
Watched an awesome movie this week called A Christmas Horror Story, zombie elves, an ass kicking Santa, a very disturbing documentary and a radio host who drinks way too much egg nog. It's a good'un and I highly recommend watching it - just not with any children around, don't want to be to blame for ruining Christmas now do you. 
Laura Leth:
Her makeup looks are stunning, I really liked the Bronze & nude look using zoeva cocoa blend palette that she did this week. Check out her other tutorials.

Steph Willis:
I am also a massive fan of Steph Willis' makeup looks and tutorials. She is beautiful, creates some amazing looks and I could sit and watch her videos all day (in fact I have).
That Girl Shae:
Also has some great tutorials but I love watching her because she is so positive and happy, she's great with makeup and I highly recommend checking her out too.

That's it for this weeks round up. I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts and Blogmas is starting as if Tuesday which is super exciting so I hope you all stick around for that.

What's your favourites from this week?

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