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Products I Regret Purchasing


As I have said in past products I regret purchasing, I always try to research products before I purchase them, I read reviews, I look at the ingredients and what I want them to do and if it matches with what I am looking for I will go and purchase it. But there are still a few products that slip through that I don't like. So I thought I would share a few things I have found recently that were just very disappointing and that I will not be purchasing again. 

I love pretty much everything I have tried from Soap & Glory but this Kick Ass Blur & Brighten Concealer Crayon just didn't do it for me. It's very creamy, and as soon as I went to use it the tip broke off. Then it seemed to do the opposite of what the name suggests. The shade of it was too dark and grey toned for me so it definitely didn't brighten under my eyes and then when I applied it around my nose and cheeks, rather than blur any imperfections and pores, it made them much more prominent so there was no chance of that promised blurring action at all. For only £6.00 if you have darker skin tones then it may work better for you at brightening but if you have some skin issues like large pores or blemishes then you should probably stay away from this. All the other things I've tried from the brand are part of my everyday routines and are my absolute favourite products from the drugstore or high end, but this just didn't do it for me.

When it comes to makeup brushes, I am all about drugstore as they really do have some incredible offerings which are my favourites and I use them on a daily basis. EcoTools Brushes come in to that category. So when I saw the Eye Defining Brush (£6.99) and the Skin Perfecting Brush (£7.99) they looked like great brushes at great prices. But when I went to use them they were so scratchy and rough on my skin I couldn't use them for even a minute. The bristles are very stiff which stabbed me in the eye, it was really uncomfortable to apply concealer with or a light foundation and I just hated them. So I haven't used them since and unfortunately I can't return them as it's been too long and I've used them. So disappointed with these brushes as the others I've used from EcoTools were amazingly soft and I use them all the time. I tried washing them too and they were still rough and scratchy on my skin. Don't recommend these at all.

The Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner in Black used to be my favourite liquid liner ever. I recently picked it up again along with the Brown and the Waterproof Black to try and see how they were as well. But I don't know if they have changed the formula or what but they sucked. The original Black one was just okay, nothing ground-breaking or anything. It was okay to apply but I wouldn't recommend it like I used to. Maybe my taste has changed or maybe they have changed the packaging and formula, who knows. As for the Brown one, this wasn't pigmented, it was quite streaky and after going over it a few times to build up the colour it eventually just disappeared and flaked off so it's a no to this one. The Waterproof was what I was most excited about as I was hoping it wouldn't smudge or flake away and that it would be pigmented and super black but this was such a let down. It wasn't pigmented, if was streaky and I couldn't even get a complete line with it as it just would not apply smoothly. In the end I gave up with it, didn't even test the longevity or anything as the other things were just too much of a disappointment and let down. I don't recommend these liners anymore and in fact I prefer the Collection Extreme 24HR Felt Tip Liners more which are like marker pen type things. Much more pigmented, last so much longer and easier to apply, plus they come in some other colours like blue and purple and green I believe too. So they're just miles above these in every way. 

Alright onto a brow product now and I have been purchasing quite a few Makeup Revolution products to try out and review for you and when I saw this Ultra Aqua Brow Tint it intrigued me and looked really cool. It's supposed to adapt to your skins temperature during the day to keep your brows in place, whaa?? That's awesome. But unfortunately it just didn't look good on me. The formula actually felt pretty good and it lasted all day on my brows, but the colour I purchased, which was Medium was just way too red for me and although I now have red hair, I still prefer brown brows, no red tint to them at all, I just don't think it looks flattering. Because of the shade range I think I would have to mix Light and Dark together which would be okay as they're only £3 each but it is such a faff mixing two shades together, every day when I just want to get my makeup on as quickly as possible.
I prefer the NYX Eyebrow Gel as it is waterproof and the shade I have, Deep Brown is much cooler in tone, so it works better with my hair colour.

I'm not massively fussy when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, and when I saw the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer range advertised well, everywhere, I thought I would pick it up as I mean, c'mon, who doesn't want their damaged and dry hair to be super strong and nourished? Well unfortunately this one doesn't do that for me. I applied as I normally do, and I found it just weighed my hair down, made it greasy quicker and it just didn't seem to soften or nourish my hair. They're around £4 each and I now use the conditioner to shave my legs and the shampoo is only there for if I run out (although I have way too many shampoos and conditioners on the go right now I'm not going to run out for a year or so.

That's it for this disappointing products. I hope you enjoyed it and will join me tomorrow for my weekly round up.

Do you have any products you've been disappointed with?

** Disclaimer - These opinions are from my own experiences with these products. Everyone is different so products I like, others may not, and products I don't like, like in this post, others may love. So please bare that in mind. I am not hating on these brands as I actually use other things from them which I do love, it's just these particular products don't work for me.

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  1. Hey Soph! :) Hope you are well and hope that it isn't weird Lee and I are reading your blog and haven't commented yet!

    Enjoyed this post, and found myself agreeing with so many things you're saying! I felt like that about the garnier shampoo and conditioner too...my hair is super dry, but I found it made my hair feel like an oil-slick and so 'tacky'! It had no volume and got greasy far quicker than usual. I'll use it if I'm desperate (i.e. haven't actually remembered to buy other conditioner..oops), but I chucked the shampoo out straight away. Not the least bit useful! Have you tried the Timotei Pure range? They actually leave my hair feeling squeaky clean and aren't full of rubbish!

    Hope you're really well and that life is good for you!


    1. Hi Flora,
      No not at all.
      Ahh thank you. Yeah it's pretty pants really, but the other ranges from the brand are good like the Colour Radiance or the Sleek Restorer. I'll have to give that Timotei Pure Range a try.
      Yeah all is well thanks, my hips are still effed up but otherwise it's all good.

      Thanks for commenting, hope you're doing okay :)


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