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Blogtober Day #6 Drugstore Recommendations #10 Contour Kits


Contouring is massive in the beauty world, and as much as I love seeing all the contour kits coming out, I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them so I have searched through the drugstores to find the best contour kits upon the shelves in Boots and Superdrug. So here's my favourites...
Okay, starting off with the Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Kit in fair. As you can see this has a contour shade, highlighter and a blush. This contour shade is perfect for us pale skin gals and the highlight isn't too sparkly or glittery so it can be used on an everyday basis if you're like me and obsessed with highlighter. It's pigmented, blends seamlessly and is under a tenner. Great product.
The Maybelline Master Sculpt Powders have been out for a couple of months now and even though these aren't as pigmented as some of the others, I actually like that about them as it's then impossible to apply too much. I have both shades, light/medium and medium/dark, and I find the l/m is more of a bronzer shade and the m/d is more of a contouring powder. Both of the highlighters are pretty similar but they're also not too glittery and are pretty natural so another great, everyday highlight. These are £6.99 each which is a great price and I think they are just great.
My most recent contour kit purchase is the Collection Contour Kit. This has only come out in the last month or so and I think it's such an incredible contour kit. It's only £3.99 and although it only comes in one shade, it's still pretty versatile as it works for my pale skin, but it's also a pretty dark shade so will work for medium skin tones too. Let's just take a minute to look at that highlighter shade though, isn't it stunning. The perfect champagne tone that will flatter a lot of skin tones.
Now for the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Palette which has been out for quite a while now as Barry M are really upping their game when it comes to their makeup products, as you probably all know I am obsessed with their nail polish range. But onto the contour kit, I love that this one has a shade to set your under eyes and to highlight in a different way to adding a shimmery powder on to the cheekbones. This also has a bronzing powder as well as a cooler tone for contouring. It's a great all in one palette and as you can see they're pretty darn pigmented. There's only one palette but it's only £6.49 for 3 powders. 
This Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit is the largest palette and has a lot more shades in, yet it's still only £8.00 from Superdrug, and they also have contour kits which are pretty much identical to the Sleek Face Form Kit I mentioned first. Alright so there's highlighting shades on the top row, so there's three matte sculpting powders which consists of one warm shade for bronzing, a lighter cool tone for more fair skin and a slightly darker powder for darker skin, although you can mix and match to create your perfect shade. Then there are also 3 highlight shade which can be used to highlight under your eyes, sculpt your face a bit more and add some extra light to your skin. So there's one light pink/peachy shade to counteract any dark tones under the eyes, a more yellow shade to brighten then a slightly shimmery powder for adding to the top of your cheekbones and on your brow bones etc. Then there's two of the merged baked highlighters which are there for a more extreme highlight, and my goodness these are just beautiful. You get so much for your money with this palette and the quality is incredible, Plus, the packaging is great too, sturdy, hard black plastic case, nice big mirror inside so it is great for travelling as you have your setting powders, highlighters, contour and bronzers all in one palette. Super impressed with this.

So as we can see, there are so many great contour kits available in the drugstores, you don't have to spend half of your wages on high end contour kits. These work just as well and are so much more accessible and affordable. Let me know what you think if you have tried these or any others from the drugstore. Or if there are some more higher end ones that you think are definitely worth the money.

What are your favourite contour products?

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