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Blogtober Day #3 My New Hair


I did it, I cut my hair off, simply chopped off about 8 inches added some layers and job done. I don't like other people cutting my hair, it never turns out how I want and so it's just easier for me to do it and if I don't like it then I can blame myself and I don't have to pay someone else for a bad hair cut. But anyway, if you want to see how I maintain my red hair and my hair care products then you can see that next week. 

So what did I do?
I first cut about 5 inches off all of my hair so it was all the same length. I then trimmed the ends again so I could get them the perfect length and add the layers in, it makes it a lot easier. I actually ended up cutting off 8 inches. I made the layers quite choppy and relaxed, just to add some extra body and volume to it - plus it looks nice with layers both curly and straight.  

Do I like it?
I love how easy and effortless it is to style now and I don't even have to use heat on it everyday, just some volumising and texturising spray and I'm good to go. It's great, and so different from before, my hair was ridiculously long, it kept getting all straggly and knotted through the day and it just looked gross and I got so fed up with it. I don't have the right frame of mind to keep brushing my hair a million times a day. So this makes it super easy, and my goodness it feels so much healthier and so light when washing it. Drying time is cut in half and I can get some real volume and body to it just by drying it with a hair dryer. Before it just looked a bit blah and flat.

What was I going for?
I wanted to still be able to put it up in a bun and ponytail, to be around the same length as where my collar bone is. Definitely no shorter than shoulder length, I didn't want there to be a gap between my hair and my shoulders, that was just too short. I love how Ingrid Nilsen's hair looks from MissGlamorazzi, as well as Arden Rose's hair which are both just the perfect length for me. But there's lot's of other photos that I took my inspiration from so I thought I would show you them...

... But if you want to see more of my inspiration then check out my Pinterest Hair Stuff board.

What does this do for my hair?
My hair wasn't in a ridiculously bad shape, but it was damaged from heat and hair dye, there was lot's of split ends and it was in need of a good trim. Now that the ends have all been chopped off, my hair feels so silky soft and smooth and just healthier. It's strange when brushing it or styling it as I keep thinking there's more there than there is, so drying time, styling time, any time that has to do with my hair is basically halved and I love that. Effortless, yet still looks classy and sophisticated which is the style I prefer to go for.

What colour is my hair?
I recently dyed my hair back to red, as I normally do when Autumn is fast approaching. I don't know why, I just like it red around this time of year. The actual dye I use is Garnier Olia Deep Garnet Permanent Hair Colour. This is one of their new shades that recently came out with and it's by far the best red I have used. I will be uploading a post later in the year which will give you my tips on maintaining red hair, what products I use, treatments etc. So I hope you check that post out too.

So what do you think, d'you like my new hair 'do?

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