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Blogtober Day #29 How To Style: A Black Blazer


I've been planning some more fashion posts on my blog and what better way to start than with a How To Style:, and today this is all about the classic blazer - which is crazy because when a blazer was the main part of my school uniform, I did everything I could to not wear that horrible thing, oh how times have changed. Let's get started...

First, the cropped blazer. This creates a look perfect for going out shopping, or for a drink, or out for dinner. It's not too fancy that you feel overdressed but it's sophisticated enough for you to be taken seriously. Yes even the white tee and jeans. This blazer makes anything look sophisticated and dressy, but not too much, you know what I mean? It's all about where it crops, to bring the attention to your waist and draw the attentions away from the areas you don't like - for me it's my stomach, not as flat as it used to be. So as it's fitted, it  hides all the right places and accentuates all the right ones. Very flattering.

This blazer is from H&M and I don't remember where the dress is from but any kind of dress that's on the shorter side i.e. above the knee, even a skater dress looks amazing with this style. The blazer it's self wasn't very expensive it's great quality and I bought this about two years ago for a surprise birthday party and it is just so versatile. But I'm sure there's something similar at H&M as they always have classic pieces as well as their new trends stuff.

With a plain white tee and dark wash jeans, this looks classy and sophisticated. If you're one who wears heels a lot, this could be the perfect outfit to add some simple black heels or something to add a pop of colour to. Whether you're going for a drink or dinner with friends, or out shopping, this looks great.
Same white tee and jeans and same Aztec print dress, but here we have a more casual look. If you're going to the cinema or on a date and it's a casual coffee or lunch somewhere, this is the perfect blazer for you. It's not as fitted and structured like the others so it's not as dressy. Which means this is great to throw on whenever you want a light layer to cover your shoulders or to nip to the supermarket or something.

This blazer is from New Look about two years ago. It's a 3/4 length sleeve lightweight blazer. This does a similar thing to the cropped blazer. Because of where the sleeves stop, this brings the attention to your waist area which means if you have wide hips or a slightly larger stomach then this is a great style for you. It's not cropped per-se but it does give the same illusion as a cropped style. 

Because of the light-weight, loose fitting of this blazer, when paired with jeans and a white tee it is the perfect outfit for any errands you may need to run or going shopping or whatever the occassion. The turned up sleeves add a casual hint to it, but it can also dress up a plain outfit like this and it's one simple item. Fine by me. 

Now for the more fitted and structured blazer. The one that is perfect for a smart dress code at work, or a job interview maybe? I purchased this for work purposes. But what I love about this is that what ever you put this over (within reason) instantly smartens up your outfit.

I purchased this from Next a good 3 years ago and I get a lot of wear out of it when at work. This with a similar dress to the Aztec one is my usual work attire. Even if I wear a more casual style dress, like maybe a skater dress or something, this will still make it look smart and work appropriate, because of its structured look.

Even with a casual combo like this white tee and dark blue jeans, this blazer still makes it look smart and suitable for work (unfortunately jeans are not considered smart/work appropriate where I work). But if your workplace is okay with wearing jeans, then this would be the perfect look. Or, let's put this into a bloggers situation. You have a meeting with a brand or company and you want to impress and show that you're professional and are up to the challenge, this is a kick-ass outfit to turn up in.

Well that wasn't so scary. Delving into fashion and style when my main forte is beauty is a bit intimidating but I hope this has been bearable. Thank you if you are still reading and I appreciate you bearing with me through this. I hope to do more style posts over the next few weeks so you have any requests for this kind of thing or anything then please let me know. Ooh and happy Thursday.

What is your favourite outfit to style a blazer with?

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