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Blogtober Day #1 - What Else Happened in September?


Today is day one of Blogtober here on IABT and I have What else happened in September for you today. If you didn't see my September Favourites you can see that here, and to check out last months What Else Happened... then that's here

1. Fave Blogger/YouTuber... 
Vivianna Does Makeup aka Anna is an incredible beauty blogger and YouTuber and I am always on her blog, she inspires me a lot with my writing and blogging and photos and all of that jazz so I highly recommend going and checking out her New Makeup Storage YouTube Video and her Blog.
Hello October aka Suzie takes some stunning photos and I get a lot of inspiration from her too. She's so beautiful and I love her style and just everything. here's her blog and she also has a YouTube Channel and her makeup tutorials are amazing. 
Kendra Atkins has been doing a de-cluttering series on her YouTube this month and I have been obsessed. If you need help with getting into the more natural products when it comes to beauty  I definitely recommend checking her videos out here

2. Fave TV Shows/Movies...
AntiSocial is about a group of friends who have gathered for a house party which is interrupted by an outbreak of violence and other various symptoms. It's a great movie, right up my alley and by far my favourite of the month.
Dark Matter is a great sci fi TV show, where 6 people wake up from stasis on a space ship without any memories so no idea who they are, where they came from and what their mission is. It's a great series and I am keen to find out what happens in season two.

3. Favourite Things I've Done This Month...
There was my first weekend trip to Essex, where we visited Battlesbridge, had a Mad Hatters Tea Party/BBQ for my boyfriends Mum, where I met some more of the family who are all so lovely and I had a great weekend. Ooh and look at how fricking cute these two doggies are,, Toby on the left, Buddy on the right, except it appeared Toby doesn't like photos, anytime I tried to take a photo of him he put his head down or on one occasion turned around so I could just see his butt. Thanks Toby. 
I also dyed my hair red for the Autumnal seasonal and then in the spur of the moment I chopped off my long hair, about 8 inches to be exact, and I am now just getting my footing with styling short hair etc., but so far I am liking it.

4. Favourite Posts on IABT/Most Popular...
Glossybox & Birchbox were great boxes this month and I have truly been loving using some of the products in their, as you will have seen in my weekly faves. 
Autumn officially started on the 23rd so it was only right to have an Autumn Edit so I decided to have 3 Autumn Related posts and then Autumn Edit Week was born on IABT. I am in love with the Monday Mani #31: Neutral Nails and then my Skincare Must Haves have been doing fabulous things to my skin. Finally is The Makeup Bag #15 The Autumn Edit Edition which has some of my essentials when it comes to makeup and transitioning into Autumn.

My Most Popular Post was the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel Review and rightly so, it's an incredible product and I think for only £6.99 everyone who uses makeup brushes should purchase this.

5. Sneak Peak into October... 
October is going to be an exciting month here on it's a beauty thing as I will be doing Blogtober, which if you don't know what that is, it's basically where I will upload a post every single day of October, and I have so many posts that I am super excited about so I hope you will join me. Plus, it's Halloween, which means I have an excuse to look like a zombie and eat a shit tonne of sweets, Yay!

What did you get up to in September??

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