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Top Tips for starting a blog


Today is the 2 year blogiversary of It's a beauty thing and I thought it was about time I got round to sharing my top tips to starting your own blog.
Everyone has their own style, their own way of writing so I am not trying to say that's wrong in any way, this is just a few things I have learnt in my time of blogging, but I still continue to learn things everyday.

1. It's all about the content
Write what you're passionate about because if you don't truly have any interest in your subject, the content isn't going to be the best it can be, and there's no point doing it if your heart isn't in it. 
We all have days where no matter how hard you try nothing you write is quality enough. Don't force writing if you're not in the right mood - If your heads not in it, your content will suffer. It's just not worth the poor reputation that comes with poor writing. Always proof read your work more than once, there's nothing worse than spelling mistakes and sentences that don't make sense. If it's not good enough, don't upload it. 
What posts do you enjoy reading? 

2. Keep the design simple
The design of your blog isn't as important as people might think, as long as it's easy to read and navigate from one post to another that's all that matters (the image above is my current design but it is undergoing more changes very soon). You'll change the design more times than you can imagine. Your taste changes, your vision changes and your blog name will probably change too. Which brings me on to my next point, your platform. Blogger and WordPress are the most popular ones (I use blogger) and your URL will have this in. They're super easy to navigate and get to grips with and you may even want to get your own URL - Go Daddy is where I purchased mine. 

3. Be Organised
I am one for writing lists upon lists and I am (mostly) very organised. I have umpteen notebooks scattered over my room and they're full of ideas, products, wishlists and so much more.

4. Growing your audience
If you're looking at becoming a full time blogger and making it your main job, and you're under the impression it's as easy as 1,2, 3, then I'm afraid I'm going to burst your bubble. I started my blog as a hobby, I was in a difficult time and writing about something I was passionate about was one of the main things that got me through. Starting as a hobby meant I can do it when I wanted, how I wanted, but if you're going to start one, be committed to it - if you love it, others will too.
But growing your audience is a process, a pretty darn long process, so you have to be patient, don't expect to earn money straight away. Social media is your best friend, so show off what you can do, Concentrate on good content and readers will follow, but it takes time.

5. Good photos
If you're anything like me, you can't just take one selfie, you always end up with 20 or more of the same selfie or the same photo of a makeup product. I started off using my iPhone for my blog photography and it was good for the time being. But when I could, I got a better camera, it's not the best but it's better than nothing.

No matter how much you try you will never get the perfect photo without a little bit of editing. My favourites are VSCO Cam, Selfie and Pic Collage

I know this seems like a list of do's and don'ts (mainly don'ts) but I've learnt from my mistakes and if I can help even one person, then I'm happy,

I'm thinking about making a series of this topic so let me know if you would like that as I have lots more that I want to share with you. Leave your blog URL below, I would love to check them out

Are you a blogger? 

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