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The Weekly Round Up #90


Happy Saturday Guys!

This week has been slightly odd, first thing Monday morning I fell down the stairs and on to my bad hip, which hasn't helped in any way and has caused me more pain and days off work. I then had a hospital appointment yesterday which took us hours to get there and hours to get back.
I also have been working on the design of my blog this week, so you may have noticed some changes but there are still other things I am working on for the design, but I am doing it all so there's been some challenges and set backs but I'm happy with it so far.
But anyway,  enough rambling, here's this weeks round up and I have a few new things in here and a few oldies but goodies. Let's get crack-a-lacking.

The Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil and the Maybelline Brow Drama have been my go to for brows this week and I am finally starting to like the shape of my brows and notice a difference when they're not done. These are the best brow products I've ever used and highly recommend.

The eyeshadow palette I have used the most this week is the Lorac Pro Palette, and this has so many different colours, mattes and shimmers and I am still loving Mauve for the crease, and then Sable and Espresso on the outer corner and into the crease slightly. I have been loving the flat shadow brush to apply the darker shade on to my lower lash line but then diffusing it with the pointed brush which actually came in a Makeup Revolution Palette. I love these brushes and they're not expensive or difficult to use so I recommend getting them if you like to smoke out your lower lash line.

I seem to have primers in my favourites a lot but the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer has been my go to this week. It's a new release from my favourite brand ever and it's what I've been reaching for on the daily this week.
I have also been loving how the Becca Simmering Skin Perfector Liquid looks when tapped on to the cheekbones after foundation. It gives such a beautiful glow and I am in love with how it looks on my skin, especially this week as I have had a pretty shitty week when it comes to my hip and being in pain.

The skincare faves of the week are the newly acquired Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream, which I have been loving and choosing over my Kiehls Eye Cream. Although, if you apply to much of this I can see it causing those little white bumps under your eyes so you only need a teeny bit. But I've also been trying out the Soap & Glory Brightening Serum which I use before moisturiser in the morning, and it gives such a healthy glow to the skin that if I'm not doing anything and don't need makeup on then this is just great for a pick-me-up (I always picture the actual product picking me up when I say that, anyone else? No?) 

That's all my favourites for this week. Check out my haul from yesterday if you haven't seen it already and August favourites are coming up tomorrow.

What are your favourite things from the week?

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