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Becca VS The Balm Highlighter Face off #9


Highlighter is one of my favourite makeup products ever and I can never have too many (as you can see in my The IABT Guide to: Highlighters here). 

When it comes to highlighters, the first one that comes to mine is the The Balm Mary Lou-Manizerit's pigmented, absolutely stunning and gives the most beautiful glow. But recently the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector has stolen my heart and so I wanted to do a comparison in true IABT face off style.

TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer £14 (£17.50):
This is designed to give a softer, more youthful glow, and they say not only can you use this on your lids or cheekbones but also as an all over shimmering finishing powder which frankly isn't something I would ever do or recommend but each to their own. It's a stunning light gold champagne shimmery highlight, very similar to the Becca Moonstone, I would just say this is a more everyday, daytime appropriate highlight and keep the evenings for the Becca SSP. They have a couple of other shades of this infamous highlighter, the Cindy Lou-Manizer (which is a pink tone) and the Betty Lou-Manizer (which is a bronze shade) but I haven't tried either of those.

The packaging on all TheBalm's products is so cute and fantastic and very recognisable which is always good with makeup brands as there are so many and if you're a makeup junkie like myself then it's important to have unique and original packaging. The price point is pretty good, and although it's not really classed as a drugstore product (even though you can get it from Superdrug,) it's not that much more expensive than the likes of my favourite brand Soap & Glory (I promise I'm not sponsored by S&G I just love their products that much I can't even get through a completely different relating post without mentioning them, my bad). Plus it's on sale currently at Feel Unique which often has really great deals for this and many other brands, so I really love that website. You can also find The Balm at Debenhams and Birchbox too. 

(It's difficult to show swatches of highlighters when they're so pale but I hope you can see that they're very similar in tone, the Becca one being slightly lighter and brighter).

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector £33:
The main difference between these two highlighters is that although the SSP is a pressed powder, mixed with a liquid blend so the finished product is very creamy which is what gives it that very perfect, glowing skin-like appearance and not just like you have a shit-tonne of highlighter on. Plus that glow is incredible and with the help of the ultra-fine luminescent pearls which reflect light it keeps your glow in place all day. It's a stunning pale gold shade, almost a champagne, but the gold shimmer and tinge it has to it is stunning on my skin tone which is super super fair. 
The packaging looks like a mini spaceship and who could say that's not cool. Plus it looks very luxury and sturdy so although the packaging is good for travelling, I have seen a few bloggers say theirs shattered after a few uses so I guess that's down to the formula so I would recommend handling with care and being extra careful.

The price is about double the Mary Lou-Manizer but it is a more luxury brand. I haven't tried much from Becca but I have heard a lot about their products and have every intention of trying some other products - their primers, blushes and cheek tints I've heard are very good. I am a massive fan of this highlighter so I may get another shade too. 
You can find Becca at Space NK as well as Cult Beauty and if you feel this shade (Moonstone) isn't right for your skin tone they also have Opal which is more of a white/pink highlight with silver shimmer, Rose Gold which is pretty self explanatory, and there is also Topaz which is more of a bronze-y tone. Plus there are the Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid too which come in the same range of shades but they're a liquid illuminator rather than a pressed powder and these are awesome too. 

So Overall?...
I have been reaching for the Becca one more because it's the newest and I am still finding ways to use it but I honestly can't pick a favourite. For the price the Mary Lou-Manizer is a great option if you're on a lower budget but as a luxury gift for someone or as a treat for yourself it's always good to try a cult classic which everyone raves about and loves. If I really had to choose one I would go for the Becca SSP, but only if I really had to choose. 

These are both great options for a strobing look which I have coming up next week so keep an eye out for that if you want an easy way to create one of the hottest trends of 2015. 

What's your favourite highlighter?

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