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Sarah Chapman Skinesis First Impressions


The Sarah Chapman Skinesis range has been on my wishlist for a while, but it's only now that I have been comfortable and confident with my routine enough to try some other products (yes that may not sound logical but I'm an addict, it's out of my control).

As I've only been trying this for about a week I thought I would give my first impressions and what it's done for my skin and then I can do a more in depth review once I have tried it for long enough that I'm confident to recommend it to you or not.

The Overnight Facial is one of the cult products from Sarah Chapman and for good reason. Alright so let's start with the basics. It's an overnight treatment that is packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants which rejuvenate and repair the skin, whilst smoothing uneven texture and fine lines. 
It's a luxurious serum-oil with a silky texture that makes applying it a dream and it absorbs into the skin so quickly and leaves it feeling moisturised and comfortable. Plus, it leaves my skin all glowy and healthy looking which is perfectly fine with me. I'm not going to go too much into detail with the ingredients as I want to focus on my first impressions of this product.

I have used this on top of moisturiser, in place of a moisturiser and I've also applied it on top of my Alpha H Liquid Gold Treatment that I do every other night. It still allows my products to do their job this just adds an extra boost of everything my skin wants and needs. 

When I apply my makeup the morning after I've used this, my face makeup goes on so much easier, foundation smooths across the skin looking flawless and even and lasts all day. It looks just as good at 6pm as it did at 8am. My skin feels nourished and plump and there's no feeling of dryness or tightness at all. It reminds me of the GlamGlow ThirstyMud slightly as this also gives my skin a healthy glow and leaves it feeling hydrated. 

It's an incredible product and I am definitely keen to try some of the other products in the Skinesis range. The Ultimate Cleanse sounds right up my alley. There's a Morning Facial, Overnight Exfoliating Booster, Intense Hydrating Booster and the Skin-tone Perfecting Booster also sounds very interesting, along with many more products. If anyone knows where there are samples of these products online please let me know, I would really appreciate it. I hope they do a starter kit so I can try out numerous products without buying full sizes as they're super expensive. 

Have you tried anything from Sarah Chapman? 

Check out this starter set from feelunique.com here
Or this Discovery Kit from SarahChapman.net here
Or the Voyager Collection which is slightly more expensive but has more in here

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  1. the idea of a sample/travel size appeals to me, product looks gorgeous but quite expensive! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    1. It's such an amazing product and I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't like it so I wouldn't have to spend the money repurchasing it but I have a feeling it's going to be a staple in my skincare stash from now on. I'll have a look for travel sizes/samples and I'll link them if I can find any :)

      Happy Sunday :) x

    2. I have found a few discovery sets online if you want to check them out and try some products.


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