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Summer Edit Week: IABT Quick Tip


Summer is practically here which means that as the weather gets hotter more skin will be revealed, legs, arms and maybe even back. So here's a simple tip to give your skin a healthy glow when you're in dire need for it.

It's so ridiculously simple. Just take your regular body moisturiser...

...and an illuminator of your choice...

...and simply mix them together and apply to your skin...

...its difficult to show you a decent swatch of the glow it gives, so I don't know if you can see the patch on my arm where I applied it quite liberally, but it gives a beautiful sheen to the skin and its perfect for those extra hot summer days where fake tan was the last thing on your mind but you want a bit of a summer glow so you can have your legs and arms showing.

There are products on the market which do the exact same thing, for example Vita Liberator have one and so do Oskia, but these are pretty pricey. This way it's so much cheaper but still gives the same effect.

You can use this quick tip to top up your tan (wow that was a mouthful) if you're in between self tanning, or if you don't have time to apply self tanner after last minute plans to go out or whatever then this is just great. 

A liquid illuminator works best, so something like the Benefit Illuminators or the MeMeMe equivalent are great. I am a massive fan of the Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow which is light enough for my skin tone, but still gives a beautiful bronze/golden kind of glow, without being packed full of shimmer that would somewhat resemble Edward Cullen in sunlight. Anywho, my favourite body moisturiser for the summer (well all year round) is the Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Lotion as its light, nourishing but nothing too offensive and sinks in really fast so you can get dressed straight away after applying this lotion which is why I have repurchased it so many times - I just love it. 

Whatever skin tone you have, be it cool warm, fair or tan, your illuminator should enhance your natural tone. For example if you have a fair complexion, a more pearly white, champagne kind of shade would be best suited for you. Or for a cooler skin tone a pink tone is more suitable.

Let me know if you will be trying this top tip out and if you have any favourite body lotions, or liquid illuminators then please leave them in a comment below, I would love to try out some new products and combinations.

What's your favourite body lotion for the Summer?

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