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Festival Essentials


I know I'm a bit late for Glastonbury but there's still more festivals this year like Leeds and Reading and I wanted to share with you some of my favourites/essentials. I haven't been to a festival in a few years but when I did go, I went for the entire weekend and it was such an amazing experience and I would love to go again. 

Starting off with the skincare products and first up has to be the most important which is SPF. For both face and body. Whether you're going for the weekend or just for one day, it's so important to protect your skin against the sun, no matter how old you are or whether you think you won't burn or that you will be fine, - I always used to say that and now I realise the importance. The Soap & Glory Sunshield SuperFluid SPF 50, is the best one I have found, it's lightweight and perfect for traveling as its a small thin bottle and can easily slip into your handbag so you can reapply throughout the day.
Lips are also in need of protection from the sun so take a lip balm with SPF in to reapply throughout the day. Trust me, sun-burnt lips are not fun nor attractive. 
Something else I like to keep handy in the summer is a facial mist, my favourite is the Vitamin E Mist by The Body Shop as its great as a makeup setting spray, it refreshes your skin and wakes you up and it's great when you're really hot and sat in the middle of a field.

Next for makeup removal, most people say makeup wipes are there preferred makeup removal products at a festival and although it sounds logical, I much prefer a Micellar water like the Simple one, (although that does mean that you have to take cotton rounds which isn't that much of a big deal) but makeup wipes are much easier and again, great for travel as can slip them into your bag and you can get travel packs which are only a couple of pounds at the most. If like me you prefer to use a cleanser, a sample of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is the perfect thing to take as you don't need water to use it you can just remove it along with your makeup with a makeup wipe or baby wipe. Plus this doesn't take up much room.

Makeup isn't something that you are too worried about at a festival as it's so hot, and when you're standing around in the sun, dancing, sitting around or whatever you decide to do makeup isn't going to be there for very long. I kept my makeup routine to an absolute minimum and that is what worked for me.
Starting with concealer the Sleek Correct & Conceal Palette is a perfect candidate as it will correct and cover those dark circles that you can thank the late nights for. You can also use it for any blemishes and there's a little powder in there too to set everything and remove any shine you may have.
Bronzer is a must too as those last nights make you feel tired so it's a good idea to add some colour back into your skin. Something like the Soap & Glory Solar Powder is perfect as it has a lighter shade and a darker one so you can customize depending on how tan you get.
Mascara is another great product for helping mask the signs of tired-ness so a waterproof, brown/black mascara is what I would go for as it's not too harsh and it will stay put even if you're sweating or if it rains (which fingers crossed it doesn't).
Finally eyeliner is a great way to mix up your makeup look everyday. A black and brown eyeliner are my essentials anyway, but if you want to add a pop of colour then a coloured liner or cream eyeshadow base is the easiest way to do this. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliners are great for this as there's a few different colours and they're waterproof too.

When it comes to your hair, you don't have the option to wash your hair so dry shampoo is a MUST. I love the Tresemme Instant Refresh Volumising one and it's a decent size that it won't take up much room but it also isn't a tiny bottle that you will use it all on the first day.
If you want to add some more texture to your hair then a sea salt spray is great and the Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist is one I received in a subscription box and it's a little size so can stay in my handbag.

As for a body SPF, the ones from Nivea are my favourite and whether you prefer a translucent spray SPF or a lotion, it's still important to protect your skin, I don't need to give the huge spiel again do I? No? Good. Moving on to personal hygiene...
Baby Wipes or Makeup Wipes are an essential to keep yourself feeling refreshed and not smelling bad. Of course deodorant is also an essential and my current favourite is the Mitchum Advanced 48hr and it really does last a long time. If you want to take a fragrance, try a roller ball or a sample size perfume so you are lugging around a glass bottle of your favourite perfume.
If you want to top up your tan, maintain your tan or just make your legs look nice when you're wearing a dress or something then the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a really quick and easy product that you can apply into a self tanning mitt and apply onto your skin. It's water resistant and provides an even coverage. You can either apply this with your hands, or bring along a tanning mitt and you can throw the tanning mitt away after you've used it, as they're not expensive and it's better than it getting all gross in your bag and getting off anything and definitely better than you having orange palms.
An absolute must have is a Hand Sanitizer. Toilets at festivals are absolutely disgusting to be quite honest and you can't always go and wash your hands before you apply your makeup or before you eat, so I carry one of these around with me all the time anyway. 

Onto the fashion bit which is the main focus for most people when they go there.
Sunglasses are definitely an essential for me whenever I leave the house but when you're outside all day, taking photos and just chilling out you don't want to be squinting all day.
Flash Tattoos are definitely back this year and if you can't wear metallic tattoos at a festival then when can you. The ones I have came from Glossybox and Birchbox but they're everywhere so you can easily get your hands on some.
A Cross Body Bag is my go to when it comes to being outside. This one is from Oasis and is the perfect size to carry what I need it to as well as a bottle of water, phone, cash etc and you can also shove a cardigan in there too incase it gets a bit chilly. They're also the safest option as they're always on you, you have your hands free and this one has a secret zip pocket so you can keep your phone or money or something in there.
For shoes, I recommend just taking wellies and something like converse (ones you don't mind getting completely wrecked). UK weather isn't the most reliable so if you're under the impression you can just take sandals and flip flops then I'm sorry to burst your bubble but it's most likely going to rain, although if it doesn't then you're very lucky.

If you are going to a festival then I hope you have an awesome time, be safe and just enjoy the experience.

What are your summer pr festival essentials?

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