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Face Off #8 Benefit VS Soap & Glory


It's been a while since I have done a face off so I thought I would compare two very similar products but that have very different price tags...

It's the Benefit Ooh La Lift Eye Brightener VS the Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes

These products are for brightening up those under eyes, with the help of light reflecting particles and some great technology, they not only soothe and hydrate but also de-puff and helps with those dark circles too. Although you can't see the swatches that well in the photo above, you can see that they are both slightly pink to help with the brightening and are very thin and sheer which is especially good if you are applying makeup over the top.

Benefit Ooh La Lift Eye Brightener

It's Benefit so it's pretty darn expensive at £17.50 but as you just need a few dots under each eye, it's going to last a while, the value for money is unreal. I only have the sample size though which has still lasted pretty well so far. 

This is an instant eye lift, I mean truly like a cup of coffee for your eyes. It's a light weight pink balm that lightens and brightens and leaves a beautiful sheen to the skin, but it has no shimmer, no coverage or colour. Perfect for under eyes and anywhere else you want to highlight and brighten on your face.  
I like that this comes with a doe-foot applicator (similar to a lip gloss) although I don't feel it's very hygienic however if you only apply round your eyes you should be okay.
With Raspberry extracts and light reflecting pigments, apply just 3 dots on bare skin or over makeup and tap in with finger for an instant perky-eyed pick-me-up. 

Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Slightly different to it's competitor as this comes in a squeezy tube which has 3 small metal balls on the end. Simply squeeze the tube and the product is dispensed from those silver balls and then just roll onto the skin around the eye area. The metal balls are very cooling and refreshing on the skin which makes them perfect for de-puffing and refreshing tired eyes, just what the doctor ordered in the morning.

The product itself is a brightening moisture serum so the texture of the product is very light, well, it is a serum after all but this makes it great for underneath makeup as it doesn't interfere with any makeup you apply over the top. Plus, there's an iridescent sheen to it which is perfect for brightening and illuminating the area.
It gives a smoothing, soft focus, flaw blurring kind of feel, so it can be used as a primer too. Which is great for those occasions where you get up late and have to quickly put on something to make yourself look more human and less like a puffy-eyed zombie. What more could you ask for? But what about the price? It's only slightly cheaper than the Benefit Brightener as it's £12.50, so a fiver difference.

Tip: Leave in fridge for an extra under eye soothing power - ahhhh refreshing.

You only need to pop this in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before applying and it will be even more cooling and refreshing which therefore speeds up the de-puffing process. 

Both of these products are great but I have to admit the Soap & Glory Eye Brightener Serum is definitely my favourite out of the two and I just find I use it a lot more as the benefits out-weigh it's competitors.

Have you got any eye brightener recommendations?

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