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Drugstore Recommendations #8 New Drugstore Beauty Launches - Part 2


I know I only posted one of these last week but I picked up some new things since then and I wanted to share these with you as they're pretty darn awesome. So this is my new at the drugstore part two. 

Batiste Stylist Range

Batiste is known for it's large range of dry shampoos, so when I saw this Stylist range I had high hopes. All of these products have Keratin, and Inca Inchi Oil (which I've never heard of) and they all do different things.
Heat & Shine Spray aka Shield My Locks
Frizz Tamer aka Smooth It
XXL Volume Spray aka Oomph It - be careful as this leaves a white cast in your hair so spray it quite far away from your hair. But the volume it gives my hair is incredible, nothing has been able to keep my hair voluminous all day and for £2.99 I am so impressed with this.
Texturizing Spray aka Texture Me - this one can leave your hair feeling full of product if you go heavy handed, so I make sure to do short sprays. On the other hand, it makes my hair look fantastic.

They're all pretty self explanatory as to what they do so I don't need to go through that but they all smell really good, the packaging is awesome and I love the bright colours and the aerosol cans are the easiest and most effective packaging wise and you get a decent amount of product so they last quite a while. Plus, they're around the £2.99 price point which is awesome. I'm not that keen on the scents but I can look past that considering how great they work on my hair - like nothing I've used before.
I really love these and definitely think they're worth you checking out.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush Set

My obsession with Real Techniques Brushes is a real problem, every time I see ones I don't have I have to get it and I don't have enough room for the brushes I currently have never mind for any more. To prove this I thought I would drop in here that U actually ended up purchasing two of this brush set. I just couldn't help myself and before I knew it I had two of everything. That's what I like, to get another one so I can use them for multiple different things and not have to clean them every 2 minutes to use it for something else. Plus, I love the sculpting brush, and the setting brush, and the fan brush, okay I love them all.
Sculpting Brush - is dense enough that can be used with cream products but also with powders. It doesn't pick up too much product although I do like to go over my cheeks with my powder brush to make sure there's no harsh lines and that it's blended seamlessly.
Fan Brush - it's duo fibre and the white tips are to pick up the product and the black hairs are to blend the product onto the skin. It doesn't pick up or apply too much product which is great as if you apply too much highlighter it's a bit of a pain to correct.
Setting Brush - I love this to set my under eyes and wherever I put the concealer. It's also great for applying highlighter. It can be used to apply concealer as it works well with cream and powder products. I have about 3 of these setting brushes now so I use them every day for different things.

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream

Hair removal is a chore. I think we can all agree it takes up valuable time, especially in the summer. So something that can reduce that time and leaves my skin smooth and not irritated, I am all for. This hair removal cream has Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished, and you can leave it on whilst you wash your hair or something. It doesn't wash off, and I planned on using this on my legs, but I have to admit, on first use I wasn't impressed. Any hair removal cream like this that I've tried has never really worked well for me, no idea why, I follow the instructions and I was hoping this was different as I've heard some great things about it but first impressions, not so great. Will keep trying it though and keep you updated.

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

An in shower gradual self tanner? Ever heard of that? Me either. So when I saw this I was intrigued. Self tanner is the safest and quickest way to get that summer sun-kissed look, so if I can get that in the shower in just 3 minutes, heck, I would be happy to do it every day.

How to use:
Same as with regular self tanner, exfoliate and shave before you apply
Then turn the shower off and generously apply the lotion using circular motions over your wet skin
Wait for 3 minutes
Then rinse off with warm water only
Get out of the shower and pat your self dry

Great for a self tanning newbie, or as a top up tan. But if you're after a deep sun-kissed tan to your limbs then this isn't the one I would recommend, St Tropez's Express Tan fits that bill perfectly.
The faff of standing in the shower, freezing my butt off, whilst applying this is not my favourite part of this product. 
I can see myself using this in the winter when I want to add a touch of colour but don't want to whack the big guys out, then this will be the one I reach for. I'll just have to learn to deal with the standing in the cold for 3 minutes. The main reason this isn't a 5 star first impression is because I have also noticed that it doesn't fade well when you stop using it. It looks blotchy and streaky and unnatural.

Have you seen anything new in the drugstore?

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