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Bourjois Aqua Blushes


Don't fret, the weekend is only 2 days away people and I am still uploading everyday on here and my Instagram so go over to there and check that out too. Anywho, onto today's post...

I thought it was time to give you a run down of why these new blushers from Bourjois, they're the Aqua Blushers are so incredible and show you the shades I picked up.

I have't seen anything like this in the drugstore. I know ELF have some HD blushers in very similar packaging to these, but they aren't easily accessible in the UK so these were very much welcomed. You may be thinking that these are strange and look difficult to apply but trust me when I say they're not.

I'm not one for coral products, be it lipsticks or blushers, but somehow this is the perfect amount of pink and coral to work for my complexion. It's a great summer shade and works great with a simple eye look and a coral lip.

This tends to be the shades of blushes I gravitate towards as I know they work well with my skin. This was the first one I picked up, and clearly I loved it as I went out and bought 2 more shades. I found this one to be quite a mousse-y type texture rather than the gel it claims on the products but it still blends out really well and maybe I just need to shake it up or something as I have had them laying on their side in my Muji storage.

More of a deeper pink berry shade, I really do love this shade, it's my favourite from the entire line and I highly recommend picking this one up. I found this shade in particular to be a lot sheerer and watery than the others, but again, like the others it still works great, stays on the cheeks the same length of time it just requires another layer to build up the pigment.

How to apply:
All you have to do is pump a little bit out and rub between your fingertips and then pat onto your cheeks. You can use a brush but I find fingers work best as they blend it in naturally whilst still keeping the pigment there. Simple as that.

These are a water-light gel consistency which leaves a sheer wash of colour, whilst looking radiant and giving you the appearance of naturally healthy, bare skin. They claim to last 12 hours and I've never really worn it for that long but it certainly does last a while, and for £8.99 each and with the amount of product you get they're going to last forever and are well worth it.
There's 4 colours in the collection, and the only one I don't have is the more nude of the bunch which is called Inge-Nude. However I wasn't really keen on this shade - I may get it just to try it out but it just didn't look like a shade I would wear as I tend to use cream or liquid blushers more in the Spring and Summer and I like bright pinks.

The packaging is easy and effective, although it is difficult to know how much to use (I think it's about half a pump to a full pump depending on how pigmented you want it, but once you have the hang of it they're super quick and easy to apply.
I have found that if you try and layer these too much it can break down the makeup underneath which I assume is to the watery texture but with two thin layers the pigmentation is there so you shouldn't need any more.

I hope this has shed some light onto these fairly new releases into the drugstores and that you give them a try. I have become very fond of blushers in the recent months and these are definitely the most unique products in my collection.

Have you tried these Aqua Blushes from Bourjois? 

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