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A Few Steps To Presentable Feet


Alright, so feet aren't something I tend to write about, but as it's the Summer and we're wearing more sandals and flip flops all the time, I thought I would touch on the subject slightly.

1. Up first you need to get those feet nice and smooth, so a foot scrub is always the first thing I turn to. As you probably know, I love the Garnier Beauty Oil Nourishing Body Scrub as it has the perfect amount of scrubby bits to help get rid of dead skin (eewww).

2. If however this is not good enough, the Soap & Glory foot file is the best I have found to get rid of any dry skin around your heels or toes. It works best after a shower when your skin is a bit softer and it doesn't hurt, even though it looks kind of painful.

3. Now that your feet are smooth and soft it's time to cut, shape and file those nails. I don't think I really need to say anymore on that subject, do I? Whether it's the middle of Summer or the dead of winter, I always have to wear a bright pink polish on my toes, and my favourites are from Barry M. Why is it that polish on your toe nails lasts longer than on your finger nails?

4. It's time to nourish and moisturise and the Scholl Velvet Foot Mask is my go to as this stuff makes my skin feel so freaking soft and smooth and it definitely makes me feel confident to wear sandals. Or a nice moisturiser like the Original Source Moisturising Body Lotion is also great and is light enough that you don't have to wait around for ages before you can walk around or get dressed or anything.

5. If your feet get hot and you feel like you need a refresher then The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Spray is the best thing I have found and it is so affordable. The Cooling Foot Lotion is also fantastic. In fact anything from the Peppermint range is great and I highly recommend them all.

What are your favourite products to keep your tootsies summer ready?

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