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The IABT Guide To... Bronzers


I'm sure you're probably all sick of hearing about my recent obsession with bronzers but I am just loving the bronze glow look currently. I have a few different types of bronzers so let's just get straight into it.

Up first is the only shimmery bronzer of the bunch and this is the Famous Baked Bronzer. Although it's not a brand that I've heard or seen much about, it's a stunning product and there are other baked bronzers out there - I know ELF have one, as well as Milani, and Too Faced. I haven't tried these others but a baked bronzer is an essential for me in the summer. I love to use the ELF Stippling Brush or the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush to apply this as they both give an even application and makes blending effortless. 

Next is the The Body Shop Honey Bronzer and what I love the most about this range is that these bronzers are very pale which makes it perfect for fair skin. I have the second lightest shade so it shows up on my skin and is very natural. This is great for the winter or when I don't have any self tanner on, which unfortuantely happens quite a lot. The brush shown is my favourite for this particular bronzer as it defines and provides a natural bronze/contour type deal.

Next is the Soap & Glory Solar Powder which has two sides, a lighter shade, and a darker one. I like to swirl them together and apply it pretty much all over my face using the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush, as this provides an even layer as I find this can be slightly orange on my skin if I'm not careful. FYI, the embossed S&G in the centre comes with a purple glitter over spray however that disappears as soon as you touch it so don't panic when you see the glitter, it doesn't translate onto the skin.

I wanted to include these in the same section as they're very similar products and have actually appeared in a drugstore dupes post which you can see here. First is the NARS Laguna Bronzer which is my only higher end bronzer in my entire collection but I love the shade of this as it gives a beautiful warm bronze shade that doesn't look to orange, or too brown. The bronzer shade from the Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette in Light is pretty much identical in colour and application - the longevity is a touch off, but otherwise it's a great product and I highly recommend both of them. I either use the no name Tapered Brush shown with the The Body Shop Bronzer or ts ELF Stippling Brush as this gives a light application so I can build up the colour layer by layer until I'm happy with it. Plus, this brush gives more of an all over application because it is pretty big.

This Light/Medium shade is the best one out of the two Maybelline Master Sculpt Compacts as the contour shade is more of a bronzer shade than a contour powder. It's difficult to apply too much of this, so there's no risk of looking like an Oompa Lumpa.

The swatches in the photos are on my skin at its palest, no self tanner, as I wanted to show you what it looked like on my fair complexion, and although they look slightly orange-y, trust me when I say that they do not appear like that on the face.

You may have seen that I recently acquired the Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers but I haven't included that in here as I want to do a separate review and swatches post so keep your eyes peeled. 

What are your favourite bronzers? 

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  1. I have heard a million good things about The Body Shops Honey Bronzer but still have yet to try it. I'm in love with the Too Faced Bronzer Book and so happy I got it, there were 2 that I was going to buy full sizes of, but this book worked out cheaper than buying the two separate so what a bonus. And as it happens, one of the two I wanted I don't particularly like but others have surprised me.
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. The Body Shop Bronzers are great for super fair skin like mine :) I will definitely be purchasing some more Too Faced Makeup, the heart shaped blushers are next on my list :)

      Sophie x


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