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Repurchased products


I realised a little while ago that I had a few products I have repurchased so I thought I would share those with you, What shows more love of a product than when I've repurchased it over and over. So let's get into the products.

Starting with hair products and the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave In Conditioner and the Protect & Oil Argan Oil are my two favourite hair products ever. They make my hair feel so soft and look shiny and combing out my wet hair after washing it has never been so easy. It's incredible and the scent is enough to buy them on it's own. I highly recommend these and you can get them on the Birchbox website for just £16 each. I think it's well worth it. 

First for skincare is the Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum which I have been completely obsessed with since I discovered it a few months ago so you're probably sick of seeing it. But this is by far the best drugstore serum I have tried and although it is £20, S&G are a fantastic brand for skincare (check out my review and intro to the brand here) and I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already.

Another skincare product is the Simple Micellar Water and although this seemed to go down very fast, it's so affordable that it doesn't really bother me. I still like the Garnier Micellar Water and I will probably end up switching between the two as there's no real difference with the price and the products themselves work the same too.

Now onto makeup and the Maybelline Anti-Age Rewind Brightening Concealer is a popular one in the beauty community and for good reason, I prefer the brightening one (as the actual concealer shades are too dark for my skin tone) and it just works so well at counteracting my dark circles and brightening up that entire area as it has a slight pink tone to it. This sis my third tube of the stuff and I have every intention on repurchasing as much as needed. This is a life saver and for a quick makeup look to get out the door this is the first thing I pick up.

The Barry M Bold Black Eyeliner is by far my favourite black eyeliner EVER. It's super pigmented and it's waterproof which is what makes this perfect for your waterline and it stays for a very long time. The pencil itself is very creamy so you have some play time with it before it sets and stays but I highly recommend this if you are a black eyeliner kind of girl. 

Finally for today's repurchased is the L'Oreal Blur Cream and I am 100% obsessed with this and would also go as far to say it is the best primer I have ever used. There, I said it. It's the best primer ever. It smooths the skin, fills in pores, keeps makeup lasting longer and it's under a tenner. Flipping magical. 

What products have you repurchased recently?

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