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An Introduction to: Makeup Revolution


It's been a while since I've mentioned Makeup Revolution so I wanted to get up this introduction to the brand up so I can show you just how amazing they are and the products I've tried and recommend.

I first started off by picking up the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 dupes, which are known by Makeup Revolution as the Iconic 1 and 2 Palettes. They each have 3 matte shades and 9 shimmery shades, and they're slightly powdery yes, but ridiculously pigmented. Even more pigmented than some of the higher end shadows I've tried before. I have since picked up the Iconic 3 palette as I wanted to see how the rosey, purple shades would look on my eyes. Check out these swatches...

4, 8 & 11 - Iconic 1

3. 5 & 11 - Iconic 2

3, 7 & 12 - Iconic 3

As you can see they're very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes...

Sidecar, Toasted, Gunmetal

Snakebite, YDK, Busted

Onto the Iconic Pro Palettes...

Because I love the Lorac Pro Palette so much when I saw the Iconic Pro Palettes from Makeup Revolution I just had to pick them up. I've been keen to get the Lorac Pro 2 Palette so I'm glad I can try the shades out and see if I like them. Whats incredible about these is that they're identical to their higher end counterparts in that they have the same amount of matte to shimmers, the shades are 95% accurate and they're just as pigmented if not more. It's insane.
As soon as I swatched the shadows it's like they lit up and angels started singing (I've been watching too much supernatural) and I realised I was incredibly wrong - yes I can admit when I'm wrong, it's rare but it can happen. 

Must, Fade & Pitch - Iconic Pro 1

Dawn, Too grey & Addicted

New-tral, New Ways & Grey Day - Iconic Pro 2

Awaken, Steal-er & Faith

The palettes also comes with pretty decent dual ended brushes too which I do actually use on a daily basis.

When I saw the Ultra Matte Flawless Palette I was sold instantly. What's great is they have all the names of the shades on a little film which is what really annoyed me about the Iconic palettes as they don't have any shade names or numbers. The shadows themselves are quite small, no where near the size of the other palettes but there's other shades in the same colour family so there's other options if you do run out.

Sand, Bark, Rosewood, Rust, Earth, Charcoal, 

MR do dupes for a lot of different products from lots of different brands. There's some Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder type things as well as some Too Faced style heart boxed blushers and Chocolate Bar Palettes. They do palettes really well and they have some great Cover & Conceal palettes, blush palettes, contour and blush palettes. 

Speaking of the Cover & Concealer Palette, this is the lightest palette in the range and the palest shade in the top left corner is perfect for my skin. Can't believe it actually matches to be perfectly honest. But I was really impressed with this concealer palette as I've tried others which are way too drying on the skin but this is on a whole other level. It's so creamy, yet pigmented, so it covers decently and can be used under the eyes or on blemishes or as a foundation as there is quite a lot of product - although you would need to set it with either of these uses. It's also great to contour (I would need the next palette up I think, as the darker shades in this are just way too warm and orange on my skin).

Top row - 1 & 2Bottom row - 3

There you have it. My introduction to Makeup Revolution. As I've said, they do palettes really well and I am really keen to pick up some of their other products like their blushes and bronzers and even a few of their highlighters. Don't get me wrong these products are by no means perfect, but they are great for beginners and for a makeup kit if you do freelance makeup or something. 

Have you tried anything from makeup Revolution?

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