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A Peek into my Sketchbook


Since I posted some of my drawings a little while ago I've been asked a few time about my drawings, if I design things like tattoos and logos etc. so I wanted to do a specific post answering those questions and showing you some of the stuff that I've done.

I'm currently working on a logo/coat of arms style project for my boyfriend for a tattoo and maybe even incorporate it into his own business. I've designed tattoos in the past and I have a few that I need to draw up too. But here's just a couple of drawings for this project...

Whenever I'm in a funk, feeling creative, or simply looking for some inspiration I draw some random things that I see online or around where I live or whatever and I am always wanting to grow my ability, learn new things, new techniques etc. so this is a great way for me to do it...

This one is not finished yet as I have been practicing on depth and detail so that I can make this the best I can so this is the next one I will finish I think.

I am not happy with this drawing, it just doesn't look right in the angles and depth etc. but hey, that's the reason for a sketchbook, to practice, learn and improve.



Let's just say I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my drawings and I'm never happy with them. This is a drawing I did for my boyfriend again...

...and every time I go to his and see it I'm always thinking of how I can improve it even though he says he loves it as it is. I can draw something and then go back to it weeks, months or even years later and finish it, improve it, tweet it slightly. It's just what someone who loves art and drawing does. I don't really branch out to any other kinds of art like painting or anything. 

There's something about putting a pencil to paper and just letting it all flow out, that relaxes me and always puts me in my happy place. Plus, it's a great stress reliever.

I hope you liked this slightly different post about another one of my passions. Please leave any feedback or ideas for drawings that are great for practicing particular drawing techniques in the comments, I would love to hear them.

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