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Has your makeup expired??


We all know to throw away Mascaras every 3 months or so, but what about your other makeup? They have expiration dates too, do you know them? I like to go through my makeup collection every month or so and throw out any old products or ones that I don't use anymore. These are the guidelines I stick to when it comes to expired makeup. But if in doubt, throw it out (I did not say that to rhyme on purpose, I promise).

Here's a quick run down of the general expiry dates on your other makeup products.

Starting off with foundation, these vary depending on the type of foundation and it's formula i.e. powder, liquid, cream etc. but they're between 12 and 24 months. I very rarely go through a foundation other than my favourite Sheer Glow so I make a point of throwing out any others that I've had for way too long.

Concealer tends to be a product you go through much quicker than foundation and if your concealer is older than 12 months you need to be throwing that away. If you suffer from breakouts, applying your concealer directly onto those breakouts with the applicator is very unhygienic and can cause you further breakouts as you've contaminated the rest of the product, so it's very important to rotate your concealers every 6 to 12 months to prevent any further problems with breakouts.

Liquid illuminators and cheek stains are okay for a good 12 months if not longer. You don;t get through them very fast unless they're travel sizes like the two Benefit  products shown above and as long as you're not applying them directly onto breakouts with the applicator then they're good for a bit longer but just take notice if it starts to separate or just not what it should look like.

Powder products tend to last a fair bit longer than creams and liquids and for face powders, blushers and bronzers you can use these for up to 2 years. Powdered products can still expire before this as they tend to get a kind of film over the powder so that you can't get any product onto your brush so if that happens, it's just time to say farewell. Otherwise, you can use it for 24 months before you need to worry about replacing it.

When it comes to cream shadows, you can normally tell when they're expired as they dry up and don't apply as smoothly and neatly as they once had, but they can last for up to 12 months providing you make sure to put the lid on as tight as you can and it doesn't hurt to sanitize them either as it is something going on your eye and you have to be very careful when it comes to that area.

If you have had an eye infection or any kind of problems with your eyes and bacteria etc then you need to make sure you are replacing your eyeliners. You can get away with having eyeliners for about 24 months but just remember to sanitize them every once in a while and never let anyone else use your eyeliner. If it starts to dry up and dray on your eye, then don't continue to use it.

Powder eyeshadows are pretty long lasting when it comes to expiration dates, they're the same as bronzers and blushers in that they can keep going for 2 years before they show signs of expiring.

Lip gloss has a quite a short shelf life of up to 12 months maximum. These tend to show signs around 9 months where they start to smell off and separate in the packaging. Liquid lipsticks and lacquers also run the risk of separating so keep your eye on them.

Lipsticks last a fair bit longer than glosses as they can be suitable to use for up to 3 years. yep, that's 36 months before a lipstick needs to be thrown away. They tend to dry up and the scent changes so it's worth checking them every once in a while.

A few tell tale signs that a product has expired are if it smells different and slightly chemically or just off, if it separates and doesn't apply like it should or if it dries up. It's just not worth causing yourself issues by using makeup that's expired, besides, going out and getting brand new makeup is very satisfying.

Do you have a regular clean out of your makeup stash?

** Disclaimer:
These are rough guidelines, there are a lot of figures for these which is why I have given a time frame rather than just one cut off point. Always keep an eye out for your makeup products that they are still safe to use and if you aren't too sure, don't risk it,

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