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June's Birchbox


Look at that box, isn't it the prettiest thing ever? 
Here is this months Birchbox and they collaborated with French Sole to create this beautiful box, so let's see what's inside...

It comes with this beautiful printed bag which is actually a shoe bag, although I probably won't end up using it for shoes, probably hair products when I'm travelling to my boyfriends house or something. 

I couldn't help but use the amazing print for the background in these photos, sorry if it's a bit much and different from my regular photos but it's just so beautiful I couldn't help myself. 

Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara | £24
First off, I love the packaging of this. It's sleek, and look at that brush. I've been loving the curved mascara wands recently, they really grab onto my lashes and make them look almost like I'm wearing false lashes. Plus, look at the claims, 24hr wear, smudge, clump and flake free and it's a jet black formula that is created with a tubing technology which coats the lashes and keeps them curled all day. Definitely keen to try this. 

Penhaligon's Iris Prima | £85
Anything that has the word Iris on I am always keen to try. My nans name was iris and she died 11 years ago now, and although this perfume is probably the furthest scent away from my taste, I'm sure I'll wear it a few times just because I'm weird like that. 

STYLondon Temporary Metallic Tattoos | £7.99
I remember having temporary tattoos as a kid, I always thought I was one of the cool kids whenever my mum allowed me to put them on. Remember the bands that went round your arm which was like barbed wire or a tribal kind of print? They were my favourites, as well as the cartoon ones that I'd put on my forearm and purposely roll my sleeves up so everyone could see how awesome I was. These metallic tattoos have become very popular recently so it's time to reminisce in childhood memories and get my temporary tattoo game on. 

HIP Ultra Shine Shampoo | £19
Shampoos and conditioners are great to get for travel purposes but when it's only a shampoo it kind of let's it down a little. I haven't tried anything from this brand before (although I believe we have received a product before but I haven't got round to trying it yet. 

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash | £9
This brand is something we've received before and those products have always been really nice to use so I'm looking forward to trying this. If you live in the UK, you can pick this brand up from Waitrose and it's not too expensive that it will have you wishing you had some self control over the usage of your bank card. 

REN Keep Young & Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Show | 36

The few products I've tried from REN have all been great, but this is described as a shot of espresso for your complexion. Sounds interesting right? It says "The liquid matrix of hydralurons plumps the skin and diminishes wrinkles for instantly firmer, tones skin." Although I don't have. Wrinkles as such, I'm always looking for something hydrating that firms the skin so I'm keen to give this a try. It's slightly more expensive than the other products I've tried from them so I'm glad it's the size it is as you only need a few drops so should give me enough applications to figure out whether I like it or not. 

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