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The Tarlette Palette


So after showing this beautiful palette in my weekly round up, I thought I would get this review and swatches up so you can see just how beautiful it is.

I love that even with just 12 shadows, they've managed to create a palette that creates tonnes of different looks, warm, cool, purple, taupe and there's something for everyone. Yes they're all matte shades but my goodness the shadows themselves are impeccable. 

Packaging: Tarte packaging has never failed to amaze me. The style, the quality, the entire look of it is just beautiful and really highend which is always great. Being so slim and having such a variety of shades it's perfect for travel. And let's be honest, the purple and gold looks stunning.
Formula/Pigmentation: These are one of the best matte shadow formulas I've used. They blend effortlessly and they do all the hard work for you so if your eyeshadow application skills aren't the best it doesn't matter. They're so pigmented that even I shock myself some times, the colour pay off is so intense but there's no fall out of any kind as far as I have witnessed. 
Shades: Great highlight shades, beautiful transition shades and even a matte black which is pigmented as hell. Each row is set out so that there's a highlight, lid, crease and outer corner/eyeliner. From warm browns to purples and taupes. It's a shade selection and I couldn't imagine anything different being so perfect. Natural Beauty and Power Player are my favourite shades from the entire palette, they're so beautiful and stunning and look lovely on the eyes. 
Price:  This is available on QVCUK.com for just £28.92 click here normally £32 which is still a pretty decent price. My favourite foundation is £32 so to get a palette for that amount is incredible. I think Tarte products are priced pretty darn well considering how amazing they quality and everything is. 
Shipping costs are crazy when it comes to getting products into the UK, so it was extortionate but definitely worth it to get my hands on this little gem. 
Availability: The availability in the UK for Tarte cosmetics sucks but QVC are the main provider of it that I would trust to get the real deal.  

Top Row (left to right): Free Spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer, Multi-Tasker, 

These are the warmer tones in the palette. First a beige, then a light warm brown transition shade, a chocolate brown and then a super dark almost black brown. They're beautiful shades and so versatile.

Middle Row (left to right): Caregiver, Natural Beauty, Best Friend, Bombshell,

Beautiful mauve and purple shades. I've been giving these a try and I really do like how they look as they're very cool toned which is what I prefer. I'm not too keen on the pale pink shade (reminds me of strawberry milkshake) but the other shades are stunning and really do show up like that on the eye but are still very everyday appropriate too.

Bottom Row (left to right): Super Mom, Wanderer, Power Player, Fashionista, 

These ones are a mix of everything. A perfect bone highlight shade, a warm-ish transition shade, a taupe and the blackest black I've ever seen which is always great to have in a palette (although the swatch doesn't do it justice).

Overall: I think this palette is darn amazing and I highly recommend getting your hands on it if you can. If you're a makeup lover like me, you will not be disappointed. Please let me know if you end up trying it and what your favourite looks is - mine will be coming up very soon.

Times I said "beautiful" = 7

What's your favourite palette? 

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