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L'Oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation


I picked up the L'Oreal Infalliable 24HR - Matte Foundation as I've heard so many great things about it and for £6.99 it was worth giving it a try, and although matte is the complete opposite of my regular dewey complexion, I really have been liking this foundation and wanted to give you my review.

I apply this with the RT Multi Task Brush and it gives a natural, medium coverage but is buildable so can be more full coverage if you have things you need to cover. Redness, blemishes, scars, it covers them all. If applied with a Flat Top Kabuki Brush like from Sigma then the coverage is a lot fuller. Although it is a slightly thicker formula than my regular foundations, it's not cakey or heavy on the skin so there's no risk of it feeling mask like or flat. Or something like the Louise Young LY34 Brush gives a really nice light, natural coverage. 

It's marketed as a 24 hour foundation but there's no way I will wear any makeup for that long but it does last really well on the skin and it's waterproof and steam proof, making it a perfect foundation for the Spring and Summer. If you prefer a lighter coverage, or have dryer skin, try mixing in some moisturiser or illuminator, it works a treat and still has decent coverage. Otherwise just make sure your skin is well moisturised before applying and it won't cling to any dry patches or appear cakey or dry.

Coverage - 10/10 For me, the coverage of this foundation is perfect. I love the full coverage as well as the lighter or medium so it's just incredible. It even covers my freckles.
Longevity - 10/10 I have an issue with foundations wearing off during the day and this doesn't do that, it stays put for hours.
Blendability - 10/10 This blends out ridiculously fast and with the RT MT Brush there's no streaks in sight. Wether you buff or stipple it looks beautiful.
Price - 10/10 This will put you back £6.99 which is one of the cheapest foundations I've used and as you can tell, I think it's bloomin marvellous.
Shade Selection - 6/10 The shade range sucks, let's be honest, only 6 shades? I wasn't surprised to find the lightest shade doesn't match my skin perfectly which is something I along with many other fair skin girls find, especially in the drugstore even with a vast shade range like the True Match from L'Oreal.
Packaging - 9/10 Squeezy tubes aren't ideal when it comes to foundation packaging, I prefer pumps however they're better than something like the Revlon ColorStay Foundation which has no pump and is in a glass bottle.
Consistency - 10/10 For the foundation it is, the performance it gives and what I want it to cover, the consistency of this is pretty perfect. It's not super thick but it's not really runny and liquidy. It's bang in the middle.

Overall - 9/10 Other than a couple of bits and pieces, this is an incredible foundation, it matches up to some much more expensive foundations and the only reason it's not a 10 is because of the shade range.

If this foundation doesn't sound like your kind of thing, they do have a Mattifying Primer and an original Infalliable Foundation which may be more to your taste, so why not give those a try? 

Have you tried this foundation? 

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