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Bourjois Colorband Eye Crayons


I'm a massive fan of easy, multi purpose products, especially when it comes to the eyes. Cream shadow sticks have become a favourite of mine, so when I saw these had launched in the drugstore I was very intrigued.

These are the Bourjois ColorBand Eyeshadow Crayons, and if you've been keen to purchase the By Terry Ombré Black Stars or the Laura Mercier Cavier Sticks then these are a lot cheaper and just as good. These are so creamy yet are waterproof, they're so easy to blend and they last all day no problem - when I swatched them they were on my arm for about two minutes and when I tried to remove them using Micellar water, they would not budge. Let's get into the nitty gritty and see just how awesome these shadow sticks are...

(05 Mauve Baroque)

(02 Brun Dadaïste)

Formula: 9/10 Very creamy, pigmented, shimmery and can be used as an all over eyeshadow base under another shadow or on its own but can also be used as an eyeliner. 
Longevity: 8/10 Stays put all day, although does crease slightly if used just on its own so I like to set it first. 
Price: 10/10 The price is on point. I picked mine up at Boots although there's a 2 for £14 offer on except they're £5.99 each so keep an eye out for that and make sure they don't charge you more.
Availability: 10/10 They're from the drugstore so availability isn't a problem, they're affordable and they're decent products. 
Shade Range: 8/10 Not perfect but the shades are unique. There's 6 wearable and easy to apply.
Noir Abstrait (black) Brun Dadaïste (bronze) Beige Minimal (champagne) Rose Fauviste (light pink) Mauve Baroque (taupe/purple) and Grid Graffiti (slate/grey). Of course I picked the bronze shade, every eyeshadow I have is in a bronze shade, but the taupe/purple is something slightly different but I really am loving it.
Packaging: 9/10 Simple, sleek and perfectly packaged for the kind of product that it is. Only thing I would say about the packaging is that the lid comes off easily so would be good if it had a proper lid or magnetic closure or something.
Application: 9/10 The best way to apply this is to apply straight from the crayon onto the lid and then blend out with your finger or a brush (my favourites are the Real Techniques Base Shadow & Domed Shadow Brushes). The only thing I'm not keen on is that you have to build it up a few times to get a decent amount of pigmentation, that's what I've found, especially with the Mauve Baroque one but it still blends out really well after two layers.

Overall: 8/10 The reason it isn't a 10/10 is because I would love for them not to be as shimmery as they are and also to have more shades available. I would gladly buy every single shade in these as they're just such an amazing formula and I highly recommend them. 

Have you tried any shadow sticks that you would recommend? 

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