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The Weekly Round Up #74


This weekend has been very busy so I apologise this is late. 

I've been off pretty much all week and although nothing too crazy happened, it was my birthday, which meant I got to spend time with my family and although my birthday isn't really an occassion I like to celebrate for personal reasons, I still like spending time with friends and family, and I got to eat some great food, and boy do I love food...

I was lucky enough to get my favourite perfume as a gift which is the Paco Robanne Black Excess, as well as Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream which is a beautiful bottle in its self, but it's perfect for spring and summer scent. My lovely boyfriend got me this beautiful watch from Pia which I am in love with, and I also got this Marc Jacobs Bracelet, a Shopping Fund Money Box and some of my favourite sweets and chocolates...

... I'm a very lucky girl and I appreciate everything I received. I was given some money from my Grandad which I will be spending soon so I will definitely show you when I have decided what I want. 

Onto this weeks favourites...

... And starting with makeup...

I picked up a sample of the Benefit Ooh La Lift, which is basically a complexion brightener that can be used under the eyes or as a general highlight, no shimmer or coverage in sight. Great for no makeup days or for adding some extra brightness on top of your makeup after a late night.

I've only ever tried the powders and blushes from Hourglass so when I found this brush online I was keen to give it a try. It's the perfect brush to apply blusher and even powder. It's super soft, yet dense enough to pick up just enough product for the perfect application. It's specifically great for my next two favourites...

...the Milani Rose Powder Brush in Romantic Rose. It's matte so it doesn't take the focus away from any other products and it's a neutral rosey shade so goes with any look. But I've loved applying the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes with this brush too. They're illuminating, pigmented and generally just beautiful.

As for my foundation favourite this week, the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation has been what I've been trying out this week and after the first try of a sample I managed to get, I bought the full size straight after. It's great coverage, really lovely finish to the skin although I have found it can look quite dry on my skin if I haven't exfoliated recently, so a beauty blender is my preferred method to apply but I still have to make sure I have moisturised my skin well first. I'm still testing it out but first impressions are pretty positive so far. NARS just bring it when it comes to complexion products. 

I've been using the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette pretty much every time I've worn makeup this week as I think it's such a great palette, especially when travelling for a weekend away or something. The shades are neutral, good amount of light and dark shades, cool and warm. Plus there's a black in there which could be used wet or dry for eyeliner. I like that there's one row of shimmery shades and another of matte (similar to the Lorac Pro Palette AKA my pride and joy). It's also good for the brows too with those warm and cool shades suitable for light or dark hair, another reason it's perfect for travelling. 

When I purchased the palette it also came with a sample size Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara which I've also been trying out and although the brush isn't my normal choice and it doesn't do a huge amount to my lashes, I like it to separate and define - honestly I think the brush is way to dense because it doesn't grab onto the lashes or pull them up to lengthen or volumise, but it's good for an everyday look or a natural makeup day.

I've gone back to this brow combo (whenever I've worn makeup) and I've been really loving the look it gives. I don't want it looking too harsh and unnatural but at the same time I want it to match my hair colour which is pretty dark. So I apply the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil first, making sure to brush through to keep it looking as natural as possible - Tip: use an angled brush (the Real Techniques Eyeliner Brush is perfect) to soften the pencil even more - and then I set it all in place with the Maybelline Brow Drama which in my opinion is the best brow gel I've tried ever.

Now for the other favourites...

Doesn't look like a particularly big bag that would fit a lot in but this cosmetics "All The Stuff I Need" Bag has been the only one I've taken to the boyfriends house for my skincare and makeup. I'm a makeup and skincare junkie so I don't pack lightly but this bag is suitable enough for the extra things I throw in there. I've practically lived out of it this week so it's definitely come in handy. 

The Soap & Glory Super Serum is still my favourite part of my morning skincare routine. It's moisturising yet light enough that it goes perfectly under makeup. There's a Soap & Glory skincare post coming up soon so keep an eye out for it.

I don't know about anyone else, but my cuticles and nails have been extra dry recently, especially on my thumbs. So I've been reaching for the Badger Cuticle Balm which has been doing incredible things. Vaseline is also really great in a pinch as I don't tend to carry the Badger one around with me. I'm forgetful, what can I say. 

I was in the market for some shampoo and conditioner and decided to go for something different to the norm L'Oreal EverRiche, and I saw the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Colour Illuminator Shampoo & The Sleek Restorer Conditioner each are perfect for my hair care needs. The conditioner isn't as thick as the EverRiche but it still does a great job at nourishing my hair. As for the shampoo, I recently dyed my hair again so I am hoping this will keep it looking it's best. It also has Argan oil in which is a great product for nourishing the hair which is also what made this stand out against the other ranges from Garnier Ultra Blends. 

I received a sample of Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil in a subscription box and also in June's edition of Elle Magazine and I've been using it a lot this week. It's not like any hair oil I've tried before as its a volumising oil. Apply into damp or dry hair, focus on the roots (doesn't feel right I know but trust me) and it just does what it says, adds som volume yet isn't greasy or too oily so you don't even know it's there.

I've got my hands on some eyeshadow palettes this week which I will be testing over the next months or so for reviews and such and I thought I would give you a little peak into what they are...
...can you guess what any of them are? 

What are your favourite products from the week? 

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