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The Weekly Round Up #73


I purchased a few bits and pieces this week and they have definitely been my favourite products to use.

First is skincare and I picked up some more Soap & Glory products as I know my skin does really well with this brand. Tip: If you're like me and purchase more than one new skincare item (it's okay to admit you're a skincare junkie too), I've learnt not to just bung them all on my face, because if something doesn't agree with me and I break out, I don't know which product it is, so I like to integrate them into my routine slowly and cautiously. So this week I've been trying out the Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum which is a pretty accurate name for it. First off, look at that packaging, isn't it just beautiful and so sleek? But the actual product inside is incredible. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth, hydrated and calm no irritation or breakouts or anything like that. I was on the hunt for a new serum to replace the The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum (which looks like it's been discountinued as its not on the TBS website anymore which makes me very sad) so I haven't used this one long enough to recommend it to you yet but so far so good. I also picked up some day time moisturisers from S&G as well as a night time moisturiser from Garnier so keep an eye out for them. Here's a quick peek at what I picked up from the drugstore...

Next new product is the Maxfactor Colour Intensifying Balms. I will be uploading a review on these next week but these are just beautiful products and are right up my alley when it comes to no fuss, low maintenance lip products. Yes, they're essentially a tinted lip balm and for drugstore they're still pretty pricey. But the reason I love them is because they stain your lips so even after the top layer has gone, there's still a really pretty stain which lasts for hours even after eating pizza. I have the shades Sumptuous Candy, Voluptuous Pink and Luscious Red. My fave this week has been Voluptuous Pink (on the left) as its the perfect bright pink for spring.

On the cheeks this week, I've been specifically loving the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Incadescnet Electra (middle shade). Not my regular blush colour but this is a light peachy pink shade which has a beautiful glow and a really light natural flush. Nothing too bright and out there which makes it perfect to pair with any look, whether it's to compliment a bold lip or a dramatic eye look.

The Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette has been one of the few palettes I've purchased this week as I've been after it for a long time. Eyeshadow palettes that have half matte shades and half shimmery are my favourites. They are just so much easier to get numerous looks from one palette, rather than using one for the matte transition shade, another for the lid shade, one for the outer corner and another for the eyeliner, it just makes things so much easier.
I've picked up a few other palettes from Makeup Revloution as well as one from Tarte so be on the look out for these, they're pretty darn awesome.

I finally got my hands one the Got2be Hairspray. I've been without this for about a week and boy have I noticed how awful my hair has looked without it. This stuff keeps curls in longer and generally keeps things in place. It's also great to hold a little back coming and volumising at the roots.

When I smelt this in store I was hooked. I need a body lotion, hand cream and possibly even perfume in this scent. The Radox Coconut Kiss Shower Gel smells legit incredible and it makes me feel like its summer and I'm on holiday. Plus, it's only £1, absolute bargain and I'm stocking up. 

Have you purchased anything new this week that you've been loving? 

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