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This is a post I've been meaning to do for a while and just haven't gotten round to doing it yet. So I thought today is the day I show you swatches, give you my thoughts on the shadows themselves and hopefully give you something to add to your ever growing, beauty junky wishlist. 

Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette
This reminds me a lot of the UD Naked Basics Palette but with shimmery shades rather than all matte. So we've got a matte cream highlight, shimmery Ivory shade, a satin finish bone almost gold shade. Then we go onto the warmer taupe/brown, there's a cooler taupe shade both with some subtle shimmer in, and then there's a matte dark brown, perfect for eyeliner. 

Little Mix All About The Eyes
So this palette is very bronze and shimmery. So first is the perfect highlight shade, then a orangey/coppery/bronze tone, next to that is a more yellow gold, then a typical bronze, there's a darker brown shimmery shadow and finally is a black which looks like it's matte but it actually has some silver shimmer in it which is perfect as a liner, especially if you go for a more smudgey winged liner. It's not the most pigmented black so would also be good to use to darken the outer corner and lower lashline.

Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette  
As the name suggests, this is a more bronze version of the initial nude palette, with all shimmer shades, no mattes at all. The highlight shade is the same as the Little Mix palette with some shimmer in it, perfect highlight and great for brightening those inner corners. Next is a cooler bronze which would be really nice smudged along the lower lash line with a neutral eye look. There's another great yellow gold copper kind of shade which although aren't my favourite, if muted down I think I could pull it off. The last 3 shades are quite dark, one warm brown with some beautiful gold shimmer in, next a much more red tone brown and then a cooler brown with silver shimmer particles which would be great built up on the outer corner with a dense crease brush.

Now you know what kind of shades are in these palettes, let's talk about the shadows themselves. The pigmentation on pretty much all of these shadows are great, although can be slightly powdery, but with the shimmery shadows, if you spray your brush with some setting spray or even just water, it really adds a great intense metallic sheen to your lids. Tip: Wait until the shadows dry before you try and blend the edges, otherwise it will end up looking like a hot mess with glitter everywhere so it's best to just leave it until it dries and then you can soften the edges and build up the intensity if needed.

As for the cost of these, the value for money is incredible. It's around 50p per shadow, it's less than a tenner for all these 3 palettes and they're pretty darn awesome if you ask me. Possibly the best palettes in the drugstore.
The packaging is pretty sleek with black cardboard, nothing too fancy. There isn't a mirror in the palette oddly enough, I assume because of the little window but it's not a deal breaker. Plus, the shade names are on the back of the palette - it really frustrates me when they're not put on the palette somewhere. 

I hope you like the look of these, if you try them out then let me know what you think of them.

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette? 

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