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Looking for a drugstore skincare range you can trust? Introducing Soap & Glory...


Here's my thoughts on the fantastic Soap & Glory skincare. If you want to see my Intro to: Soap & Glory then click HERE, but I've purchased some new items and I've been trying them out for a while and thought it was about time I gave you the low down.

Main features that stand out for me with this skincare line?:
- The packaging for S&G is just incredibly cute and always grabs my attention whenever I'm in a drugstore. 
- The quality is fantastic and I think it's better than some of the more expensive skincare items I have.
- The products smell great but don't irritate my skin at all.
- They're a great price coming in from £9 and going up to £20 (I have the product that's £20 and I think it's worth even more to be honest). 

Alright, here's the products I have and use on a regular basis. 

Two of the most recent additions to my skincare stash, that just increased my faith that this brand creates quality skincare for a reasonal price. 

Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum
The most expensive product of the bunch this is an incredible serum. Plus, how amazing is the packaging? When I first tried this on my hand I was sold in an instant. It's the lightest, most hydrating, smoothing serum ever and it looks far more expensive than it is. It's difficult to get a good serum for a reasonable price so I'm glad I was able to find this. 
Having the word youth in skincare products doesn't make me not want to use them as there are so many anti ageing products which are great for all skin types and concerns like breakout prone, dull complexions and more.
This has some incredible ingredients and technology which really proves that it's a super serum. There's Hylaruonic acid for hydration, coconut and Maracuja oil for brightening. Then there's technology which hyper-boosts collagen and fights skin-damaging free radicals. Basically this is the do it all in one kind of product and you should definitely go give ts a try in your local Boots.

6-in-1 Multiactive Moisture Lotion For Daily Youth
As the name suggests this is a 6 in 1 product, which similar to the rest of the skincare products here it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
- Maximises Moisture Levels
- Soothes Stressed Skin
- Rejuvenates Tired Skin
- Improves Elasticity
- Softens & Smoothes
- Balanced For All Skin Types
If you are looking for an anti ageing product then this also fights wrinkles and with its incredible ingredients and technology it stimulates collagen, softens skin and fights wrinkles. 

Some products for your morning skincare routine now and no, you don't need to use all of these at once. 

Translucent BB Cream Feel Good Factor 
I've never heard of a translucent BB cream so this was more intrigue than necessity. But it's lightweight, brightening and has SPF 25 UVA/UVB screens to help fend off wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation. They say it's mattifying which put me off at first but it's still hydrating and comfortable to wear on the skin. I have pretty normal skin with the odd dry patch here and there and some oiliness (although normally in the middle of summer), but they say it's suitable for all skin types. It applies nicely and sits under makeup just fine. 

Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF50
There's not many drugstore sun screens available which is why I found this so interesting and definitely worth a try. Yes it's £15 but it lasts quite a long while. It's very liquidy and runny but blends out perfectly without a white cast to the skin or an obnoxious sun screen scent. It's the right size to throw in your makeup bag or handbag to keep your sun protection topped up during those nice hot sunny days.

Glow Job Sunkissed Tinted Morning Moisture Flash
Basically a tinted moisturiser mixed with a instant wash off self tanner. This isn't a product I would recommend to anyone with a skin tone anywhere around my uber pale skin. It has Micro BronzeBurst Beads that pop when you massage them. There's no coverage whatsoever, but it gives a radiant glow that just does something incredible to the complexion. I just wish it was lighter to match my skin tone. 

To get all that makeup and dirt off I have just the products for you. 

Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser The UltiMelt 
This is one of the drugstore cleansers that I highly recommend. It's a thick, creamy hot cloth cleanser that melts away makeup, hydrates, cleans, brightens and balances your skin. I love this as a second cleanse on a pamper night as it feels so luxurious. For a tenner it's definitely worth you picking it up and giving it a try. It's for all skin types (unless your skin is particularly sensitive to essential oils, then stay away). If I remember rightly this also came with a muslin cloth which is always great to have around and keep handy. 

Amazing Daily Face Polish Scrubatomic 
This is the only manual exfoliator I use and it's the best I've ever tried. I got this on recommendation from Fleur from Fleur de Force and I haven't used anything else since. This is my second tube of the stuff and I only use it once a week or so, so it lasts ages. It has extra fine granules which are perfect for getting rid of dead skin cells to reveal soft and refined radiant skin. 

Now for some moisturising products and I've been trying both of these products out for a good few months now and I think they're incredible. 

Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-Boost Hydragel
First is an eye cream which is the best from the drugstore in my opinion. It's light yet hydrates and keeps everything looking how it should. No dry patches, no concealer mishaps, no little white bumps from too much moisture. It's just perfect and for £12.50 it's incredible and definitely worth a spot on your beauty wishlist - c'mon we all have them. 
This eye cream tackles dark circles and puffiness, cools, soothes and moisturises, firms and tones any fine lines or wrinkles. It's everything an eye cream should do.

Beauty Sleep Accelerator Night & Flight Moisture Miracle 
This can be used as an overnight moisture mask or as a night cream. I use this every other night and it feels incredible when applyied - cooling, instant hydration, soothing. But in the morning my skin feels smooth and plump, looks luminous and my makeup applies smoothly and just darn right incredible. This would be perfect for a flight, after a clay mask, or if you have dry and/or dehydrated skin this will stop it in its tracks.

As you can tell by the amount of times I've said incredible and amazing, I highly recommend every single one of these products and definitely think they're worth you checking out. It's a brand I trust 100% to do great things for my skin and I've never had a bad reaction to any of Soap & Glory's products. 

Have you tried any skincare from Soap & Glory? 

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