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Bourjois Rouge Edition


I don't normally do reviews so quickly after purchasing a product, but I thought I would tie this in with a post I've been meaning to do for a while now. So today, I'm going to be giving you my thoughts on the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets as well as the brand new Rouge Edition Aqua Laques which I picked up last week, which you may have seen in my last beauty haul which you can find here

Starting off with the Rouge Edition Velvets first, these are a liquid lipstick type product and once you apply these, they set matte, and stay put all day, however they don't dry out the lips, they have a velvety texture so there is still some slip when you rub your lips together. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear. They have incredible pigmentation and come in some beautiful bright colours. 

I picked up the most nude one...

... Nudist

I also picked this absolutely stunning muted pink...
... Frambourjoise

I then went for a deeper burgundy red shade for the autumn winter months...

... Grand Cru

They're all great shades, and although Grand Cru isn't as pigmented and opaque as I thought when swatching it, it still looks pretty great on the lips. I prefer my darker or bolder shades to be very long lasting so I don't have to keep looking in a mirror to make sure I don't have the ridiculous outline around my lips where the product has worn off in the centre, or where I've touched my face and half of my lipstick is swept across my face. I prefer low maintenance makeup. 
To show how long lasting, this is what my arm looked like after scrubbing at it with the Garnier Micellar Water for 2 minutes...

...They were on my arm for less than a minute and this is what happened? Jeez Louise they're potent. 

There's lots more shades from nudes to bright fuchsia pinks and orangey reds to peachy pinks:
Personne Ne Rouge
Hot Pepper
Peach Club
Ole Flamingo!
Pink Pong
Don't pink of it
So Hap Pink
Beau Brun
Happy Nude Year

I don't have them all because I wouldn't wear them all but the shades look beautiful and I've seen others wear them and love them, I'm just not that committed to bold lips everyday. Check them out at Superdrug here
Because they are long lasting, and dry matte, I recommend scrubbing your lips first to remove and skin and then moisturise your lips well before applying the REV. I just find it looks a lot better and last longer so it gets you closer to that 24hr wear claim from Bourjois. But for £8.99 these are incredible lip products and are my first choice if I do need a bright lip to last all day. I really like to wear these patted into my lips with my finger rather than just applied with the applicator. It gives a lighter coverage and tones down the pigmentation slightly and it still lasts all day.

Onto my most recent addition to my lipstick collection is the Rouge Edition Aqua Laques, and after the Velvets did so well and got a fair bit of attention, I would have thought these would be plastered all over the Internet and everywhere in drugstores and that I would have heard something about these by now but even still, I'm glad I picked up a couple to try. 

I picked the shades Rosé on the Rocks, which is another beautiful nude shade, perfect for everyday wear...

... As well as Fuchsia Perché which is just a stunning pink shade, perfect for spring and summer.

Unlike their matte counterpart these have a lightweight, almost watery texture and although it seems slightly odd at first, they're actually very comfortable to wear. No sticky-ness, no drying out your lips or exacerbating chapped lips, they're just perfect for me as they're low maintenance. Only downside is that they don't last as long as the others, although the brighter shade still leaves a stain on the lips, like the Rouge Edition Velvets so the brighter shades aren't as difficult as I first anticipated. I'm super happy with these two shades but any other ones I pick up I will certainly let you know.

These are still insanely pigmented and come in 8 shades:
Rosé on the Rocks *

Viens Si Tu Roses
Fuchsia Perché *
Babe Idole
Feelin' Reddy
Red My Lips 

The main difference with these is the texture. They're very similar to the Revlon Moisture Stains in that they feel like water on the lips, and give a beautiful mirror like shine. The REAL (great acronym) are hydrating, have intense colour and glide on smoothly and easily. I like to apply a lip liner first like the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob all over my lips, and then I apply the Aqua Laque and normally just pat it into my lips using my finger. They're comfortable feeling on the lips and although they stain the lips slightly, lip liners obviously makes them last longer than just on its own which is always great. Plus, the packaging is cute, practical and perfect for this type of product.

Have you ever tried these before? 

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