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MaxFactor Colour Intensifying Balm


I've seen these around the last few weeks and finally managed to pick up a few shades, and I wanted to share my initial thoughts on these.

Other beauty bloggers say they're a dupe for the new Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Balm Protectors which cost £18.00 and there's 6 shades available. Maxfactor brought out 9 shades costing £8.99 each - which to be honest, at first I thought £8.99 was still pretty steep for what is essentially a glorified tinted lip balm, but they're currently 3 for 2 offer at Boots so if you want to pick a few of these up, now is the best time to do it. The colour can be built up to be pretty intense which is the only difference between these two products. I have the shades Sumptuous Candy, Voluptuous Pink and Luscious Red

Luscious Red

Voluptuous Pink 

Sumptuous Candy

The other shades available are Charming Coral, Posh Poppy, Refined Roae, Classy Cherry, Exquisite Caramel, and Rich Chocolate.
There's no specific scent or taste to these and although they're not as moisturising as a tinted lip balm, they're good for a natural, can't be bothered with lipstick kind of day. 

The packaging isn't any thing special although they're sleek and although I'm not normally a fan of lip products shaped with a flat edge (as they tend to get messy and aren't suitable for more pigmented lip products) for these it's actually ideal.
It was only a matter of time before Maxfactor came out with products like this. First there was Maybelline Baby Lips, then Revlon brought out their Lip Butters and to be honest I prefer these from Maxfactor as they're just nicer to apply, packaging isn't as bulky and I'm not embarrassed to apply this in public unlike the others as the packaging just is not a pretty sight.

I'm getting better at uploading things on my Instagram so if you want to see any of the new products I've purchased recently, or makeup looks then check out my account here.

What's your favourite tinted lip balm? 

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    1. The packaging is perfect for this kind of product :) the stain they leave is bloomin incredible :)


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