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5 Yoga Channels


I've mentioned a few times on my blog that I have started doing yoga, and I thought I would share with you some of my favourite YouTube channels to watch and follow along. I have learnt a lot from these lovely ladies and I wanted to share them with you incase you have been wanting to get into yoga. I love all of the yoga for beginners features these channels each have and I make a point of liking the videos so I can go back and choose which I want to do for my daily yoga sessions. 

Yoga with Adriene was the first YouTube channel I found in my search for yoga how to's and her website is just brilliant too. What I love about all of these channels and blogs is that they cover more than just showing you the yoga poses. Like this particular channel has Foundations of Yoga, Yoga for your lunch break, Yoga to lose weight, Yoga for stress relief and even Yoga for headaches/hangovers and her 30 day yoga challenge was inspiring. It's not just a case of she shows you the pose and that's it. I just love Adriene and think she's a great yoga instructor and deserves way more attention and followers than she currently has (even thought she already has 500k). 

Yoga by Candace has one particular feature on her channel that not many of the others do, and that is Weekly yoga Q&A's. Don't get me wrong, the others have question and answer videos but every week Yoga by Candace uploads a video specifically answering a few questions about particular poses and she talks you through step by step how to do said pose. She also has things like yoga for back pain or pulled muscles etc. Her videos on how to do yoga poses properly are so informative and so helpful I really have learnt a lot from her and she has so many videos on yoga flows, 7/10/30 minutes yoga flow or power yoga and I think they're just fantastic videos to have and learn from. 

PsycheTruth is a lot more comprehensive in the health and fitness department. This channel has lots of different people come on, nutritionists, yoga instructors, mental health professionals and they even show you how to do massages properly. They go through stretches for specific issues and similar to the other channels they show the correct way to do particular poses like for pain relief, physical conditions etc. They also have a mental health series which focuses on things like depression, alcoholism and I find it really informative. It's not just a yoga channel, it's bigger than that and I really like that. Plus, they have some amazing food and drink recipes which I can't wait to get my hands on. 

K's Perfect Fitness TV is also slightly different to the first two channels as she doesn't focus just on yoga, although there are still yoga videos on her channel - my favourites are her St Lucia yoga flows that she does on the beach and it actually helps to relax me a lot more when I'm doing yoga and watching one of her videos as they're so calming and relaxing. But anyway, she also focuses on exercises for weight loss, toning your body, strengthening your body and she has a great Slim & Sexy and Body Beautiful series' which concentrates on everything from your arms to your butt, and including yoga and general exercises for some extra benefits. I think her channel is great, her vibe is fantastic and always motivates me to get off my butt and work out and she has a DVD or two out so I may have to invest in that too. 

Last but by no means least is Sarah Beth Yoga, and I find this channel to have so many routines, tips, Q&A's, from restorative yoga to flexibility, building strengh. There's yoga practises, yoga routines, health tips, yoga for women, yoga for scoliosis, as well as basic yoga warm ups and cool downs (which are so handy to have) and detox yoga. I think this is an amazing channel and website and I think she puts everything across perfectly. Doesn't make it harder than it really is, gives plenty of quality content to help people in all sorts of health issues and yoga really does do incredible things for the human body.

Motivation has a massive part to play when you roll out your yoga mat and for me, remembering why I am doing it, what I want as the outcome and how it makes me feel when I've done yoga is all the motivation I need. However there is an app called PumpUp! and it's basically Instagram but for health and fitness, so there's a lot of motivational pictures and quotes on there and you can follow your friends, track your weight and your workouts, complete workouts from the app and just track your progress. I think it's a great concept and more people should be on it as I find it really can help you to get off your butt. Besides, the food looks so tasty. 

That's it for today's post. Something slightly different to the norm on IABT I know, but I was inspired to share with you how I learnt yoga and some of the videos and channels that I follow. There are lots more that I watch of course as the internet is never ending, but these are my top 5 and the ones I watch the most, so I can confidently recommend them knowing they have been working for me. 
I will be doing a post soon about exactly how yoga has benefited me and helped with my conditions but until then, I hope you enjoyed this. 

Do you have any yoga channels to recommend? 

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