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Monday Mani #27


If you're a regular around these parts, then you will already know of my love for the incredible Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat which is the only top coat I have used in at least two years. So when my base coat ran out, I thought I would give the Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat a try.

My last base coat made the nail polish peel off after just a couple of days and although super easy to switch up my colour it was a bit of a pain if I need it to last longer. What I love about this one is that it's clear, protects my natural nails (no sign of any staining of the nails at all) and makes my nail polish chip-free. 
The brush is a great size to evenly apply it all over the nails in one sweep and it's also fast drying so it doesn't add any time at all on to my nail care routine.

In case you haven't heard of or tried the Fast Dry Top Coat then it's the best and only one you will ever need in your nail care and polish collection. I can paint my nails in 5 minutes thanks to this and keeps things looking shiny and fuss free.

What's your base & top coat of choice? 

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