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Beauty Tool Kit


I'll be honest, I can't remember if I have already done one of these posts but clearly wasn't that good if I can't remember it. So today is all about the tools I use in my beauty routine - from hair to nails to fixing eyeliner mishaps. I can show you lots of products but the tools I use are what makes said products great. 

Makeup Application:

Makeup brushes and sponges are the most common tools for applying anything from foundation to blusher to eyeshadow. My favourite brand for brushes are the Real Techniques which are a great drugstore brand and they even have their own Complexion Sponge which is a great alternative to the Beauty Blenders which are shown above. I recently picked up the mini Beauty Blenders which are the perfect size for concealer and such.

Eye Makeup:

The Japonesque Eyelash Curlers are by far my favourite curlers and they're so affordable that I recommend them to anyone. Besides they're so easy to use and they're a lot less intimidating than the conventional style. 
I am the first to admit that my winged liner skills are not top notch and that I need some tools to help me along, so a good angled brush is perfect for tidying up that wing although cotton buds are just as good, simply dip in makeup remover and away you go.


Being a regular nail polish wearer, the condition of my nails are important. So the Badger Cuticle Care is my number one product and I highly recommend it. Nail clippers with a straight edge, a decent nail file and a nail buffer are the most important things when it comes to keep nails trimmed, shaped and looking their best. A nail buffer will file, buff, smooth and shine your nails and when wearing nail polish, smooth nails look much better than ones with ridges. Ask any nail polish wearer.


Now for the brows and these are the 5 things that will get your brows looking on point and completing any makeup look. Brow stencils are great for brow newbies, for grooming, shaping and filling in your brows. A good brow brush and spoolie are a must, especially if you want to keep your brows tidy because who knows, maybe you will have the next Cara Delevigne or Lily Collins worthy brows.


I'm not one for regular trips to the hair dressers, so I keep some proper hair scissors for a quick trim when it's needed. When I had a full fringe, I did not trust anyone else to touch it, it never looked how I wanted when a hairdresser got near it, and at least if I did it and messed it up, then it would be my own fault for being stubborn and not paying someone else to make a botch job of it instead. 
Bobby pins and hair ties are rare things to find in my possession. Ask any girl. No matter how many packs we buy, they just disappear in a matter of days. Typical.

What's in your beauty tool kit? 

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  1. The Beauty Blender is also one of my essentials. It makes everything look loads better and well blended x


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