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IABT Quick Tip


Today's Quick Tip is all about blemishes and how to send them packing... 

Have a great clay mask that banishes spots for good but when applied all over your face it dries out your skin too much? Have a beast of a pimple that just looks red and angry and really hurts? I hate those. Well don't panic, I have the perfect solution. 

With clay masks, they are supposed to draw out the impurities which is what dries the skin out, so if it's too drying all over your face, try applying the mask just on the blemish as a spot treatment or just on your problem areas, like for example your nose of chin or whatever. Leave on for the instructed time, or if you know it's okay to do so, leave on overnight and by morning it will be visibly reduced, if not banished completely (depending on the breakout).

My favourite clay mask ever is the GlamGlow SuperMud but the The Body Shop Seaweed Mask is a great alternative. Or if you have the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask then that will work brilliantly too.

Tip: If you have larger areas that you need to treat, once you have removed your clay mask, apply a hydrating mask that you can either leave on for a little while or overnight, and it will tackle any dryness the mask creates. But to be honest, your clay mask shouldn't be drying your skin out so much that it's uncomfortable, if it is, I would highly suggest trying a different one. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think. 

Do you have any clay face mask recommendations for getting rid of breakouts? 

* Disclaimer - Please read instructions on products before leaving products on overnight and be careful of the ingredients on the products as these can do more damage than good if left on overnight. If in doubt, just stick to the recommended time. I am not a skincare specialist and this is just what I do and what works best for my skin.

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