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Spring Edit: Welcome to my Wardrobe


The start of Spring means a spring clean. Where better to start than with your clothes?

When Spring comes knocking, the thick jumpers, big winter coats and thermal tights are packed away and out come the floral prints, skirts and lighter jackets. 
Spring isn't that warm in the UK so it's all about layering and there's so many looks than can be created with just a few pieces. 

As always, every season I like to sort out my wardrobe, throw out pieces I haven't worn or just don't like anymore and arrange it so I have my spring/summer stuff at arms length. I did this last week and this is what happened...

I start by getting everything out of my wardrobe that needs to be sorted, thrown out etc. my wardrobe is actually the airing cupboard so I don't have a huge amount of space. So I'm working with one rail, and then 3 shelves. There's also a bit above the rail which as you can see is just a mess. I can't reach up there so I'm not bothered about it really. Photo on the right is the state of my room once I got out pretty much the entire contents of my wardrobe out. 

It ended up looking like this. Even though I threw out 50% of my clothes, it's still completely full. Photo on the right shows how much stuff I got rid of. I donated it all. 

What I'm most excited about is... 

Anyway, onto the spring outfits... 

1. Dark blue skinnies, white lace top & stripey cardigan 

2. White lace dress with denim jacket over top 

3. Black top, blue skirt, grey cardigan, white statement necklace & black tights

4. Floral dress from H&M

I'll be doing a capsule wardrobe post soon so keep an eye out for that. 

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