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Spring Edit: Garnier Oil Beauty Review


It's finally the weekend!! Today is the last instalment for Spring Edit week and it's all about a particular range of body products from Garnier which I have been using for a long time and I'm absolutely in love with them. I've repurchased these numerous times and think they're great quality and are all normally way under a tenner, so worth having a look. (Although they're currently on offer for around a fiver each in Boots, perfect time to pick them up and give them a try).

Even before trying these body products, I loved the skincare that I had tried from Garnier and as a brand they are a great drugstore offering so they're affordable, but the products work extremely well, even as good as higher end skincare. So I knew I would love the body products too. 

1. I first picked up the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil and it made my skin so unbelievably soft and smooth that I used it every single night without fail. It has 4 nourishing oils - Argan, Macademia, Almond and Rose and it smells fricking amazing. You can use it on freshly washed slightly damp skin or on dry skin and it makes my skin feel like satin whilst nourishing and illuminating. Even though it's an oil, it's not greasy and doesn't transfer onto clothes because it's so lightweight. For £6.30 it's worth giving it a try, and if the regular beauty oil doesn't float your boat, there's a few other formulas, Body Tonic Anti-Cellulite and the Body Ultimate Regenerating Oil which are both £7.99 each, although you can get all the oils at Boots now for around £5. 

2. After falling in love with the oil I picked up the Garnier Oil Beauty Oil-infused Nourishing Lotion which comes on a couple of sizes and has a pump (always handy). This has the same 4 nourishing oils in its formula but I'm pretty sure it has some fairy dust in there or something because I love it. Garnier say the reinforces the skins barrier function to prevent dry skin. I 100% agree with that. A lot of moisturisers will be nourishing when applied but won't really do a lot throughout the day and although applying body moisturiser is a chore for me, this lotion makes it a lot easier because I know it's going to last ages on my skin. It also replenishes the skin with moisture and with its fast absorbing magical powers you can apply clothes after a couple of minutes and you're left with softer, smoother, moisturised skin. 
In the summer I use this a lot when I use self tanner. My skin is very dry so this does a great job at making sure I get a nice even tan without clinging to dry patches or anything. For the bigger bottle (shown above 400ml) it's £6.99 (on sale at Boots now for £4.66) and definitely worth checking out. 

3. After being so amazed by the line in general I was super pumped to see the Garnier Oil-infused Nourishing Scrub. Now, this may be my favourite out of the bunch. It still has those 4 nourishing oils but this is enriched with extracts of cupuacu seeds which is what exfoliates your skin. The texture at first was slightly weird and I didn't think it would do a lot but this is the best texture for a body scrub that I've ever used. It's not too harsh, yet not really gentle, it's the perfect amount of scrubby-ness whilst being moisturising on the skin. As all scrubs do, it exfoliates the skin getting rid of dead skin cells and all the crap from the day and reveals radiant and softer skin. It's slightly fragranced but nothing too overpowering. 
This is great as an exfoliatior before applying self tanner and does an awesome job at removing it too. Pick this up now at Boots for just £4.77 (regular price £7.15). 

I recommend these products to you 100%. They would be suitable for all skin types as they have the nourishing oils but they're lightweight with a non-greasy feel to them and therefore perfect all year round.

Hope you've liked this weeks Spring Edit Week here on IABT and that you have found it helpful and given you some inspiration to re-jig your beauty stash and get ready for Spring. As you can tell I am very excited about Spring. 

Have you got any body products to recommend? 

**Disclaimer: I am not sponsored to do this review, Garnier and Boots have no idea I'm doing this post and I recommend these 100% knowing all opinions are my own in these reviews a d I hope you can trust me when I say I will never write about something that I don't 100% recommend. 

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