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Spring Edit - All about hair


It's been a while since I've done a designated hair post before so I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite products.

When I think of the warmer months rolling in, texturising sprays and sea salt sprays are what comes to mind. I don't tend to do a lot with my hair in the autumn and winter, it's normally down, but in the spring I am more inclined to try something new like pinning bits up or braids or something. So taking into account hair care products and hair styling, these are what I would dig out or repurchase and this is my everyday hair style...

Hair Styling:
My main products for my hair all year round is texturising products. Sprays, dry shampoos, pommade/wax are all my favourites to use. 

The Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray is the perfect texturiser in my opinion. It has some hold too so it keeps your style for longer. 

As for a pommade/wax the Bumble & Bumble Texturising Creme Contour is a great way to add texture and volume in at the roots which is particularly good if, like me, you have quite flat hair. 
People tend to try and stay away from using too much heat on their hair in spring and summer (well I do anyway) so to rock second day curls, some texturising spray or wax is a must.

Sea salt sprays are more for summer I think but I tend to start picking it up more now winter is over with and my hair is not super dry that if I used sea salt spray it would all break off and leave me hair-less. My favourite is the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray as it doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and crispy. 

Hair Care: 
Hair oils are my favourite products to try as there's so many amazing ones. My favourite is the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil but I also like regular Argan Oil. To make sure my hair is nice and nourished, I like to apply a hair mask once a week which is usually just raw organic Coconut Oil. Sometimes I leave it on overnight and wash my hair in the morning and sometimes I'll leave it on for a few hours or a few minutes, whatever I fancy. It's nourishing, makes your hair super soft and shiny and it smells great. You can also add things like Argan Oil and Castor Oil into the mix as they're nourishing, but Castor Oil also promotes hair growth so it's even good to use as it's own mask to stimulate your scalp. When it comes to applying oils onto your scalp, be really careful not to leave it on too long, otherwise it will leave your roots looking greasy if not washed out properly and no one wants that, I hope.
Hair tends to get dry in the winter, but it also does in the spring and summer as temperature changes, sun damage and regular use of more products like sea salt sprays, all dry your hair out. So I still use a nourishing conditioner and make sure my hair is in the best condition possible. 
If you're not much of a fan of Argan oil or prefer something you can just spritz onto your hair, I suggest giving the Got 2 Be Spray oil which doesn't nourish your hair as much as the ones mentioned above  but it does give your hair a really nice healthy shine.

Tomorrows post is all about things to switch up in your makeup bag to get ready for those beautiful spring makeup looks. 

What are your current favourite hair products? 

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